JESSUS DIDN'T FIT IN Examines Non-Traditional Families

JESSUS DIDN'T FIT IN Examines Non-Traditional Families

Janet L. Jackson believes the best families are a little left of center.

One teacher is on a personal mission to equip families with the courage to embrace uniqueness and rise above the challenges life often presents. "Jesus Didn't Fit In" takes on a more relaxed, conversational tone when approaching parenthood from a Christian perspective.

"As a parent and teacher, I've struggled to find the best way to encourage children who simply don't fit in," Jackson said. She hopes her book will encourage and inspire families to create a dialogue with their children. "The book is a tool for parents to understand and address challenges with their nontraditional child, their teachers, the school system, difficult peers, and 'perfect' families. In some tough situations, one can cry or laugh. I choose humor."

The book examines the lives of some nontraditional celebrities, such as Colin Powell, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Emily Dickinson.

Jackson addresses issues like:

  • How can I help my child fit in more?
  • How do I approach my child's teacher or school?
  • How do I handle people who look down on my family and/or me because my child is different?
  • How can I manage my anger better?
  • How can I help my child be happier?
  • How can I find balance?
  • How can Jesus' life help me in my parenting?

About the Author

Janet L. Jackson has over thirty years of experience in various areas of special education within the public school system. She is well versed in teaching those with cognitive, learning and emotional disabilities. She is a mother to two grown children, grandmother to one granddaughter and proud wife to her pastor husband. She is a youth leader, children's ministry leader and has spent 25 years as a student of the Bible.

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