'Infinity, Divinity, and the Holy Trinity' is Released

August 25
6:17 2014
'Infinity, Divinity, and the Holy Trinity' is Released

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

The time-old conundrum about the nature of sacred existence has warranted countless efforts and analysis from various authors throughout history. Famous philosophers known to have produced a wealth of literature on the subject include Russell and Descartes; even influential antagonistic views from Nietzsche. Today, the search for truth perpetuates with modern writers building contemporary outlooks based on experience and acquired views. In his light, author William Hearne discloses his own unique perspective about God's true nature, answering a 2000-year-old theological enigma about the Holy Trinity.

In "Infinity, Divinity, and the Holy Trinity" (published by Xlibris), Hearne asserts personal insights established by his knowledge of the scripture, common sense, and science. "It covers a broad variety of topics that are not normally discussed together in an attempt to draw consistent conclusions about what we know about the nature of God and ourselves," Hearne says. The first chapter, Infinity, describes how man knows God exists. The second, Divinity, describes certain aspects of God and man's relationship with him. The third chapter, The Holy Trinity, describes God as the Holy Trinity, mainly based on the unique observations of the author.

Aware of the possible controversial repercussions of his revolutionary ideas, Hearne claims that he is willing to follow-up on such challenges. His only hope is for readers to read the book in its entirety to understand that each assertion is consistent with all others made throughout. "If you don't believe in God, you want to be sure you are right and defend what you believe, or consider these truths and change your beliefs," he added.


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