Ian Greenham Releases JUSTICE DOWN

Ian Greenham Releases JUSTICE DOWN

New York City, NY

Supreme Court Justice Damon King garnered many enemies during his 25 years on the nation's highest court. His rigidly conservative opinions on gun rights, gay rights, abortion, and capital punishment played a crucial role in building hostility amongst left wing opponents, as much as it made him the darling of the far right, notes this new thriller. King was a harsh, distant parent, alienating his children through his uncompromising insistence on adherence to strictly conservative values. King and his fellow conservative judges were on the brink of overturning one of the most controversial liberal precedents of the last 50 years when he was found dead in his own home.

FBI agent Dexter Chambeau, a long-time bureau veteran, is called in to collar the criminal responsible. Chambeau is stymied by the large number of suspects, as King's divisive rulings and abrasive personality have enraged any number of people. Every lead Chambeau follows turns into a dead end; the lack of evidence is maddening. Chambeau's attraction to King's divorced daughter, Eleanor, a journalist, only complicates his task. Will the seasoned veteran crack this high-profile case, or will justice be served better if King's murderer eludes Chambeau's grasp? Justice Down is an entertaining thriller, packed with twists and turns that will leave the reader wondering whodunit until the last pages are turned.

Author Ian Greenham, a native of Melbourne, Australia, worked as a lawyer with one of Australia's leading commercial law firms before serving in the country's diplomatic service. Eventually, he was recruited by a major U.S. bank, and after assignments spanning the globe, he has settled in New York City. His abiding interest in the law and its social ramifications gave him the ballast for the controversial themes in this, his second novel.

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Justice Down
Ian Greenham
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-2488-2
324 pages
$13.45 US

Available from Ingram, and Barnes & Noble.

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