Hollywood Stuntman Fernando Celis Belina Releases Novel, LAND OF THE ELEPHANTS

For 50 years, Hollywood stuntman Fernando Celis Belina singlehandedly wrestled crocodiles, fought lions and untangled rattlesnakes. But he found the one villain he couldn't tackle alone - poachers who killed elephants and ravaged their bodies for their precious ivory tusks.

So he wrote a novel to dramatize the plight of the pachyderm, in a just-released-for Christmas book called, "Land of the Elephants" (New York: Aviva Publishing. ISBN 978-1-938686-56-6) which is available in paperback and e-book.

The stuntman who appeared in many "Tarzan" movies was inspired to write this wonderful adventure novel after his last visit to Africa while working on the movie "Lost in Africa," which was being shot on location in Kenya, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

While driving inside the Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve, he was captivated by a family of 20 elephants, who were on their daily walk across the plains. After feeling great sadness to learn about poachers outside the reserves who would massacre whole animal families for their ivory tusks, he began to imagine creating a human character, a champion who would stand up for elephants and do what many of us wish we could do. The result is his epic novel "Land of the Elephants."

The book is being considered for a major motion picture.

"Although all the characters and events in this book are fictitious, the enormous number of animals being destroyed by poachers all around the world is a reality that is critically threatening the existence of numerous animal species. A very small percent of humanity is eagerly fighting to stop these absurd killings; sometimes, these people are forced to engage in gun battles against the poachers, and many have lost their lives. One thing is definite and irrevocable-without the help of these courageous humans there wouldn't be any wild rhinoceroses or elephants alive today," said Celis Belina who had a 50-year career supervising and working with wild animals in the movie industry in Hollywood and around the world, adding over a hundred film credits to his resume.

"This is the perfect gift book to give to young adults so they can learn about the history, sociology and politics of elephants and the illegal and immoral ivory poaching cartels," he said.

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