Hikers Endure Washington's Mountains in New Book

Hikers Endure Washington's Mountains in New Book

Mount Rainier looms over the skyline of the Pacific Northwest as a beacon for thrill seekers, but also for those looking for an escape from everyday life. Author Daniel A. Saviers' exciting new novel is based on his own outdoor adventures in this exciting locale, a story of a trek with the an unexpected twist, namely the presence of a homicidal maniac lurking in the wilderness. This sets the stage for a group of hikers to circumnavigate the dangerous volcano but find themselves in a perilous place that lies "Beyond Devil's Dream".

Four men have decided to backpack on the Wonderland Trail looping around the mountain for very different and deeply personal reasons. There, they will find themselves tested both by the forces of nature and by their own natures. Scott Jameson, an avid adventurer, climbs Mount Rainier as a tribute to his lost wife Diane, a traveler like himself who was suddenly kidnapped. The guilt of being unable to protect his loved one wracks his heart, and as he searches for her, he hopes to pay tribute to her memory and perhaps find her there on the mountain. Accompanying him is his best friend, Chris Martin, a man who plays it safe, who has always saved for the future, and who just found himself divorced from his wife and diagnosed with cancer. Mount Rainier provides him with one last chance for a beautiful sunset before he turns to meet his fate.

Also there are two strangers, a young man named Josh Sanders, who has fallen with the mountain and a woman named Amanda. When he cannot commit to her, he seeks solace on the mountain, but he lashes at a park ranger and ends up in prison, where he meets Marvin Beights. When they are released, they return to the mountain, where Josh intends to make amends and get his life back on track, while Marvin has other plans in mind. These involve hiding from the authorities, who are on the hunt for a serial killer who has murdered seven women. The past haunts him as he fights for survival, particularly memories of his mother and of Diane Jameson - nevertheless, he will do anything to escape.

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