H.A. Goodman's BREAKING THE DEVIL'S HEART Hailed as 'Must Read'


H.A. Goodman's BREAKING THE DEVIL'S HEART Hailed as 'Must Read'

Author H. A. Goodman's BREAKING THE DEVIL'S HEART, a 99¢ Kindle eBook, continues to grow in popularity worldwide because of the groundbreaking manner in which conflict, terrorism, war, and genocide is portrayed in the story.

Rave reviews for the novel have popped up everywhere from Sri Lanka's Sunday Leader and Botswana's Weekend Post to Nigeria's The Nation and other newspapers throughout the globe.

The Urhobo Times of Nigeria even described the book as "a must read for everyone, irrespective of creed, colour, or nationality."

The provocative novel is currently being read by the Asia Times, Rwandan New Times, The All Ghana News, Front Page Africa Online, PM News and IQ4News of Nigeria, Cocorioko of Sierra Leone, Foroyaa of The Gambia, and many other newspapers throughout Africa and Asia.

In addition, Breaking the Devil's Heart is being evaluated by a scholar at the International Association of Genocide Scholars because of the story's unique analysis of war and genocide.

Originally categorized as a fantasy novel, Breaking the Devil's Heart is now seen as a satirical allegory with powerful existential themes that address the causes of social and political strife in 2013. The story has been hailed by Fantasy Book Review.co.uk as "brilliant" and Fiction Books UK stated that "to say this book is one of a kind is an understatement."

Praise for Breaking the Devil's Heart has also been growing throughout North America, with stellar reviews from the Midwest Book Review, Kirkus, and many other publications. Book blogs throughout the U.S. and Canada have described the book not only as thought provoking, but often times unlike anything they've ever read before.


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