'Grandpa Bear's Story' is Released

August 13
7:03 2014
'Grandpa Bear's Story' is Released

Gloucester, VA

Written to honor the members of his family, R. E. Kraus pens and gathers children's stories that reflect the elegance and beauty found in nature. "Grandpa Bear's Story" (published by Xlibris) depicts exotic habitats around the world, and the wonderful variety of life residing in it. As well as describing the stunning imagery, his stories encourage readers to take their part in helping the environment to make the world a better place for the people in it now and the generations to come.

Ranging from various geographical locations around the world, readers witness the splendor of nature through the eyes of a bear. From the scenic landscape of Alaska, the luscious grasslands of the African savannah, the energetic South American amazons, to the solace and mystery of the North Pole, each story expresses the rich color and vivid details of the animals and their habitat. Readers will go on a journey with the perspective of a bear's cool, calm, and dominant demeanor, promising to provide them a deeper appreciation for nature and the world around them.

With imagery and descriptions so vivid, "Grandpa Bear's Story" takes readers on a trip around different habitats and makes readers feel as if they were actually there.


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