Dr. Veena S. Gandhi Shows How Yoga Can Lead to Healthy Babies

February 6
8:27 2013

Dr. Veena S. Gandhi Shows How Yoga Can Lead to Healthy Babies

In her new book "Creating a Miracle Child with Yoga: The Practical and Complete Guide for Expectant Parents" (published by Abbott Press), Dr. Veena S. Gandhi combines conventional medicine and prenatal yoga to offer parents a pathway to brighter, balanced newborns.

"After delivering babies for 35 years as an obstetrician and teaching yoga for 15 years, I was thrilled with the amazing outcome in the newborn where conventional medicine was combined with yogic practices before, during and after pregnancy," reveals Gandhi. "I also wanted to help parents with happy and harmonious homes and not only brilliant but mentally well-balanced children."

In "Creating a Miracle Child with Yoga," Gandhi details how the full potential of newborns can be achieved by combining conventional medicine with yogic lifestyle. "Harmonious and joyful parents, especially peaceful, confident and energetic mothers, are able to transfer these virtues, aptitude and attitude to her unborn fetus," states Gandhi, who has amassed years of experience into the effects of yoga on pregnancies.

"Creating a Miracle Child with Yoga" delivers practical advice for the novice and experienced yogi, including easy-to-follow instruction on yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, modes of delivery and yogic diet. The book also advises expectant parents on the pros and cons of anesthesia during labor and guides them in how to have an enjoyable and productive postpartum period along with techniques to get back into pre-pregnancy weight and physiology.


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