Class Act Books Announces April Releases - YA, Science Fiction & More

Class Act Books Announces April Releases - YA, Science Fiction & More

For the month of April Class Act Books' releases include a fanciful Young Adult fiction and a serious Science Fiction entry.

"Spacedogs' Best Friend" by Tony V. Sweeney is Robinson Crusoe from a teen's point of view.

Jenny Halpin's graduation gift backfires when the space cruiser in which she's a passenger collides with a meteor shower. She finds herself a castaway along with three little poodles...and not just any poodles but the telepathic Royal Family of Canaris who expect Jenny to protect and serve them. Jenny takes charge but soon she's up to her neck in hostile native canines, pirate salamanders, and newborn pups...

"Sunfall" by James Austin McCormick is a more serious entry in the Science Fiction genre.

On Earth, the Corporate League has done away with democracy and now wants to crush the last stronghold of liberty, a small independent colony on Mars. The colony's imminent destruction by a massive solar storm, Sunfall, will do just that if the League can prevent a terraforming device from reaching the planet. It's up to an idealist scientist and a two-bit smuggler to make sure the League is thwarted...if they can escape a seemingly invulnerable assassin before Sunfall occurs.

Class Act Books is a small press publisher offering its readers fiction in all genres, as well as non-fiction, from award-winning authors.

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