Chuk De India: A Path to Prosperity by Bir Singh Gujral and Narinder Singh Jolly is Released

India's post-1991 economic renaissance has turned this country into a major player in the global economy. In light of the 2014 general elections, what steps does India need to take to maintain its emerging super power status?

"Chuk De India: A Path to Prosperity" by Indian-American authors Bir Singh Gujral and Narinder Singh Jolly, has the answers.

Gujral and Jolly's new book points to the political and economic tactics that will ensure this positive economic trend continues, analyzing the fundamental changes in 1991 that ultimately led to India's current economic success.

Taking an unbiased look at India's economic transformation over the past few decades, "Chuk De India" offers data-driven solutions that involve strengthened Indo-US relations, tackling socio-economic disparities and analyzing the correlations between India and China's economies.

A major component of Gujral and Jolly's new book, as Indian-Americans themselves, is recognizing the people and the culture behind this emerging super power.

"No country can dream about bringing a fundamental change in policy, without the support and participation of its citizens," Gujral says. "The credit, therefore, goes to a billion plus Indians for accepting and applauding the change."

"Chuk De India: A Path to Prosperity" by Bir Singh Gujral and Narinder Singh Jolly
Hardcover, $33.95
Paperback, $16.99
e-Book, $3.99
ISBN: 978-1-48080-212-4
Available at, and

About the authors
Dr. Bir Singh Gujral earned an MBA from Duke University and is a senior executive in a multinational company. A professor for twenty years, he coauthored four books and has published and presented more than one hundred papers.

Narinder Singh Jolly graduated from Delhi University and works as an architect. The high point of his career has been the multibillion-dollar modernization of Miami International Airport. He was an adjunct lecturer at the University of Miami and Florida International University and has presented numerous professional papers at international conferences.

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