Chris White Releases SLEEP PARALYSIS

Chris White Releases SLEEP PARALYSIS

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Sleep paralysis is a terrifying experience which causes people to become temporarily unable to move while falling asleep or waking and is accompanied by the sense of something evil in the room. Scientists have a number of, as yet, unproven theories about the origin of the hallucinations that accompany sleep paralysis, but do not know the exact cause of them and have maintained that there is no known cure for sleep paralysis. Chris White offers information on new, revolutionary developments concerning this topic in his new book,Sleep Paralysis What It Is and How To Stop It.Readers can learn more about the phenomenon, discover the cure, and read about the numerous causes in the book, which is now available on Amazon.

According to Chris White and his new book, many who suffer from this affliction sense an evil presence near them and are often even attacked physically or sexually by the presence. "We think the reason the medical community has been unable to cure sleep paralysis is because they are approaching it as merely a physical condition instead of a spiritual one," describes author Chris White. He claims the concept of a spiritual cause of sleep paralysis has some merit since the hypothesis can be tested. When the condition is treated as though it were caused by an evil spirit, it goes away. Through the use of the methods proposed by White, many have been cured permanently.

"We believe that our consistent and provable success with ending so many cases ofsleepparalysisneeds to be addressed by the scientific community. They may never agree with our view about what sleep paralysis really is, but it's hard to argue with our results," states author Chris White. The author has a great deal of experience in helping others to stop sleep paralysis. He claims to have helped hundreds of people end sleep paralysis for good. He has also conducted one of the largest surveys ever done on the subject.

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About Stop Sleep Paralysis:

Chris White is the founder of a non-profit organization, which has, since 2009, been helping those who suffer from the affliction. Many have experienced permanent liberation from the phenomenon because of his research.


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Chris White Releases SLEEP PARALYSIS

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