Chinenye Excel Ogugbue Offers Advice to Do Better Than Your Best in New Book

Chinenye Excel Ogugbue Offers Advice to Do Better Than Your Best in New Book

In Doing Better than Your Best, Chinenye Excel Ogugbue offers up his dramatic life story as an example of how to beat the odds and live your dreams. His journey from loss and hardship in Nigeria to life in the United States with a fulfilling career as a successful petroleum engineer is a gripping story. But in this book, Ogugbue does more than tell an inspiring rags to riches story. He includes detailed advice to help readers transform their life path in the same way, whether they are planning for college or itching to reach the next level in their career.

We have all heard admonishments to work harder and work smarter. Ogugbue's book is different. Doing Better than Your Best is not a dry strategic guide to career success. Instead, he shares his own real life experiences of everything from time management to building a rich spiritual life with a likeminded faith community.

With Faith, All Things Are Possible

Ogugbue does not claim all of the credit for his success. While he details his diligence and determination, he also gives thanks and praise to God. His Christian faith and relationship with God underpin Ogugbue's life, and he explains in detail how he feels this played a role in his success. He does not offer any magic shortcuts or suggest that prayers are an alternative to effort. Instead, he shares how his faith influences his choices, how he balances the demands of his study and then his career with participation in the church activities that give him spiritual nourishment and allow him to serve as he feels called to do.

Doing Better than Your Best combines practical, nitty-gritty advice with exhilarating inspiration. Many books about success are focused exclusively on financial achievement and make for dry reading, but Ogugbue's engaging story is filled with the twists and turns, the drama and disappointments, of real life. Whether you are worried about having the GPA and extracurricular activities to get into the college of your dreams or are planning a strategy for the promotion you want to achieve real career and financial success, Doing Better than Your Best might be exactly what you need to guide you on to the right route to going the extra mile to achieve and even exceed your goals.

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