Children's Author Wins Literary Awards

Children's Author Wins Literary Awards

Bethpage, NY

Carole P. Roman is the author of two award-winning children's series, the "If You Were Me and Lived..." nonfiction series that teaches children about other countries and cultures, and the entertaining and imaginative "Captain No Beard" series about pirate adventures. Now both series have been honored with awards in the Reader Views Literary Awards: First Place to "Captain No Beard: Strangers on the High Seas" (ISBN: 9781480177222, Red Feather Publishing, 2013) and Honorable Mention to "If You Were Me and Lived In...South Korea" (ISBN 9781481062343, Create Space, 2013).

Carole P. Roman is a children's author who knows the importance of blending imagination, entertainment, and education in her children's books, and she does so throughout her two series which have become favorites among young children. Now one book from each series, "Captain No Beard" and "If You Were Me and Lived In..." has won an award in the Reader Views Literary Awards testifying to Roman's skill in keeping children engaged in learning and in love with reading.

"Strangers on the High Seas," part of the "Captain No Beard" series, has won First Place in the Reader Views Literary Awards category of Children's Books for Toddlers to Age Five. The story takes place on an imaginary pirate ship, the Flying Dragon, with Captain No Beard and his crew members, and this time, Captain No Beard is joined by his little sister, Cayla, to whom he doesn't have anything nice to say. When a strange ship approaches, the characters learn the importance of not talking to strangers, not approaching animals without permission, and being kind to siblings.

"If You Were Me and Lived In...South Korea" is the latest in Roman's series that explores a variety of different countries and cultures. In this book, Roman introduces children to South Korea, including explaining what her readers' names there might be, what games they might play, family life and respect for elders in Korean culture, the differences between American and Korean money, and a pronunciation guide of Korean words. Other books in the series take readers to France, Turkey, Mexico, and many other countries. Roman has stated that more than anything, she hopes the series teaches, "Tolerance! If we learn about people and their customs, we will learn that people are basically the same all over the world.... Knowledge is power. It is the power to overcome prejudice."

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