Apress Media Releases Melanie McBride's MANAGING PROJECTS IN THE REAL WORLD

New York, NY

Today more than ever before, work is done through the framework of projects. The theory and mechanics of project management are rational and straightforward to learn. The major challenge project managers have, comes in the realm of practical application-the art of project management. Since PMs typically rise through the ranks by virtue of superior reasoning skills, it is crucial they develop a repertoire of soft skills that are usually difficult for them. "Managing Projects in the Real World: The Tips and Tricks No One Tells You About When You Start"-newly published by Apress Media-provides clear and actionable advice to project managers for recognizing, anticipating, and overcoming challenges associated with the human component of leading others.

Nobody is better qualified to rescue beleaguered project managers than Melanie McBride-veteran PM and Technical Project Manager at Intel Corporation. McBride regularly muses on the art of project management for a popular internal blog at Intel, The Accidental Profession. She sheds light on the dark, dusty places that fall between the cracks of theory and best practice out in the real world-where irate colleagues, unrealistic product launch dates, and virtual meetings reign supreme and run amok.

"Managing Projects in the Real World" uncovers challenges not typically discussed in traditional project management guides. The book is sectioned by project phases (Initiating, Planning, Execution, Closure) to allow readers to quickly locate tips, tricks, and strategies specific to the issue they are dealing with. From techniques for battling hidden hazards to dealing with overlapping assertions of competing authority, McBride empowers PMs to take their craft to the next level.

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