Alyce F. Norris Releases THE IMPERFECT CIRCLE

January 23
8:19 2013

Alyce F. Norris Releases THE IMPERFECT CIRCLE

Michelle Andrews began living in Florida in the late 1950s after the birth of her first child. She was an average mother, homemaker, wife, and semi-professional, making a living in the field of dentistry since high school. Two more children later and well into her second marriage, she finally enjoys the "empty nest," as her life takes a dramatic turn.

The Imperfect Circle, a compelling fictional novel written by Alyce F. Norris tells the story of Michelle whose life takes on a new identity after the death of Paul, her husband. He died from pulmonary embolism and now, Michelle looks forward to start a new life of her own as she moves to her new condo unit at Warrington Villas.But what she will find out about her dead husband throws her in the middle of The Imperfect Cirlce which she unwittingly becomes a part.

A set of unfamiliar keys for a safe deposit box and a post office box all belonging to her late husband becomes the focus of her life. Together with Bonnie, her best friend, they search for answers to find out the truth behind the mysterious keys and the suspicious post office box. Along the way, Michelle meets Peter Driscoll who will unravel to her more of the things about her late husband and the secrets he keeps from her through the years. What mysteries lie behind the keys, the safe deposit box and a post office box? What will Peter Driscoll reveal about Paul? Will Michelle find out about the truth?

The Imperfect Circle is one perfectly entertaining read everyone will sure to enjoy. It's a brilliantly written story filled with elements of intrigue, fear, mystery and new relationships in every turn of a page. Indeed, author Alyce F. Norris has crafted a mystery novel that combines memorable characters, an exciting plot and a lively dialogue that readers will follow from beginning to end.


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