Abdul Jabbar Mehdi Salih Releases Book on Trusting the Medical Profession

June 6
6:31 2014
Abdul Jabbar Mehdi Salih Releases Book on Trusting the Medical Profession

"With Head, Heart and Hands, Make a Medical Professional" by author Abdul Jabbar Mehdi Salih reveals that the most important topics in medical education today are the teaching of professionalism in medicine-how to ensure that future physicians can meet the increased expectations the public now places on medicine. This book believes that the key to securing medicine's future lies in understanding, transmitting, and enhancing medical professionalism. The public wants both better medical care and a profession more responsive to its needs, but most of all, people want competent and caring physicians who are committed to the healing of their patients.

The integrity of the practice of medicine as a profession is defined by its blending of expertise in healing with responsibility for patient care. Teaching professionalism directly addresses the formation of physicians who manifest this needed integration of expertise with dedication to the care of patients. The medicine's integrity has for some time been under threat. Those threats to the integrity of medical practice are two: One stems from the success of the new technological medicine itself. Advances in biological science and technology are steadily transforming medical care for the better. However, they have also strengthened the false idea that medicine is simply an application of scientific knowledge rather than a complex and artful sociobiological practice. The other threat is embodied in the largely well-intentioned efforts to make medicine safer, more predictable, and more efficient through applying techniques of financial and organizational management.


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