'Hacking Leadership' is Released

Leadership advisor and Forbes columnist Mike Myatt is celebrating today - and not just because it's holiday season. It's the official release day of his new book,"Hacking Leadership" (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN 978-1118817414), now available on Amazon.

Weighing in with one of many early reviews is New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Stephen M. R. Covey: "Tremendous! Mike Myatt has written a superb book on leadership that is exceptionally timely and relevant for our world today. This book is both deeply insightful as well as intensely practical-a rare combination. I will highly recommend "Hacking Leadership" to leaders everywhere, at every level, and in all walks of life."

"Hacking Leadership" is a sequel to Myatt's "Leadership Matters." Leaders who feel their performance fails and want to know why and those who understand that in business today, the rule is adapt or die will surely benefit by reading the book. "Hacking Leadership" is also for leaders interested in shaping a sustainable culture of leadership. Indeed, the book is for anyone who wants to expand his or her leadership acumen.

Written for leaders at every level, "Hacking Leadership" provides an actionable framework and helps bridge gaps every business needs to cross to create a culture of leadership. "Hacking Leadership" makes it easy for leaders to create a roadmap to identify, refine, develop, and achieve their leadership potential. Each chapter:

  • Gives readers techniques to identify, understand, and implement individual, team, and organizational leadership hacks.
  • Addresses blind spots many leaders and managers haven't thought about, which left unaddressed, will adversely impact growth, development, and performance.
  • Showcases case studies from Myatt's consulting practice with more than 150 public company CEOs, including those at AT&T, Bank of America, Deloitte, EMC, Humana, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, PepsiCo, and other leading global brands.

About the Author:
Mike Myatt is the CEO of N2Growth, a global leader in providing leadership development services to Fortune 500 companies. He is widely regarded as America's Top CEO Coach and is the author of "Leadership Matters." Mike is also a Forbes leadership columnist and a Senior Fellow at The Gordian Institute. He is one of the world's most respected authorities on leadership, having been recognized by Thinkers50 and other organizations. His theories and practices are taught at many of the nation's top business schools, and he has worked directly with more than 150 public company CEOs. Mike's representative corporate clients include: AT&T, Bank of America, Deloitte, EMC, Humana, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, McGraw-Hill, Merrill Lynch, PepsiCo, and other leading global brands. Mike also frequently lectures and keynotes on the topic of leadership.

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