AnyWho Editions Releases 'A Fag for Her Fifties' by B MacGregor

December 4
6:25 2013
 AnyWho Editions Releases 'A Fag for Her Fifties' by B MacGregor

A closet is a dark, closed space designed to keep things out of sight. A place where nothing grows. Nothing changes. When the closet is personal, the challenge to come out is extraordinary. Ask anyone who needs to tell family they're gay. Or wants a divorce. Has cancer. Or is afraid of failure. An emotional closet is just as dark and confining as its physical counterpart, and often more difficult to clean. Finding the courage to come out of that closet and initiate difficult discussions requires strength and a good support network. A friend. Someone who knows how to come out in the most entertaining way possible. A Fag.

B MacGregor's debut novel, "A Fag for Her Fifties" is the transformative story of Beulah Mae Osguard who desperately wants out of her fifty year old closet a boring and monotonous existence in the small town of Perfection, Iowa. Inspired by a San Francisco Gay Pride news video, she is convinced only a gay man can help her change. In a desperate Craigslist plea, the heroine asks, "If you're a Fag reading this, all you have to do is change me and give me something to look forward to. Give me hope. There it is. Not so hard." Beulah Mae's desperate plea is fulfilled when B, a bankrupt children's author, answers her ad, moves to Perfection, and transforms her into Charity - a strong, self-confident woman not afraid of her life.

At the heart of the novel is a strong, contemporary friendship. The timing could not be better according to MacGregor's publisher, Lori Lott, at AnyWho Editions. "Society is celebrating the emotional courage associated with coming out."

"A Fag for Her Fifties" motivates readers to open their closets and live loud and proud. MacGregor penned the novel to emphasize his pride as a gay man, willing to stand up for being the best he can be. His unique style weaves a fabulous spin on a classic fairy tale into each chapter, creating an entertaining adventure of self-discovery. "Being a Fag empowers change. It takes strength to come out of the closet and resolve to redefine a hateful word," he said.


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