Top (and Weirdest) Theater Stories of 2013

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Going month by month. (Remember Shia LaBeouf? Scott Rudin's F.U. To NY Times reporter IN the pages of the NY Times? Playwrights Horizons Flick You to its subscribers?)

Top (and Weirdest) Theater Stories of 2013
Updated On: 12/19/13 at 02:43 PM
After Eight
Broadway Legend
"*He applauded those who disliked the play, saying he preferred a work to evince passionate dislike than a dispassionate shrug."

So he got his wish then, didn't he?

"*He said the theater would not cut a single second out of the play."

Yep. Would one have expected otherwise?

No matter. As long as the critics rave.......
Featured Actor
I have two weird POTO-oriented stories (naturally ) First, at the Broadway 25th anniversary performance in January, those phanatics (including me) who won the Facebook contest and who were seated in the rear mezz seats at the Majestic all made fools of ourselves. I was decked out in full Phantom-themed regalia (earrings, jacket, pendant, and pins), but my outfit was NOTHING compared to the young ladies around me who had huge Phantom masks tattooed on their backs. What if a new show that they like better opens when they're 50? Where will they put the new tattoos? I shudder to think about it...

Second, the new US POTO tour opened a few weeks ago with a pyrotechnic mishap that resulted in clearing the theater. (At least it wasn't the chandelier). When I saw that the Broadway World reviewer (and apparently others) deemed the new version darker than the original, I decided that this HAD to go down as a weird story -- it's hard to put on any show darker than the original POTO without producing a musical about the Donner party.

Finally, one non-Phantom bit of weirdness: Was it 2013 or late 2012 in which the arrests and suits over the ill-fated "Rebecca" took place?

You alone can make my song take flight.
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The bulk of the weird Rebecca saga was in 2012, but (as I write at the bottom of the list), it has continued into this year