Tonya Pinkins & Alan Menken Go

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Words don't deserve that kind of malarkey. They're innocent, neutral, precise, standing for this, describing that, meaning the other, so if you look after them you can build bridges across incomprehension and chaos. But when they get their corners knocked off, they're no good anymore…I don't think writers are sacred, but words are. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.
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Tonya Pinkins & Alan Menken Go
Posted: 7/11/13 at 01:42pm
I'd see her play Audrey. And then I'd see her do it again. And again.
"I know now that theatre saved my life." - Susan Stroman
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N2N Nate.
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Tonya Pinkins & Alan Menken Go
Posted: 7/11/13 at 01:47pm
She put a great spin on this classic song and really made it her own. Her voice is thrilling!
So Lauren Bacall me, anything goes! *wink*
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Tonya Pinkins & Alan Menken Go
Posted: 7/11/13 at 03:29pm
I love both of them but really don't like the arrangement. She also recently did a version of Unchained Melody that was bizarre.
I leave the room smiling.

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