Roger Bart, Raul Esparza and Rory O'Malley on L&O:SVU

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Did you see it?
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And J. Elaine Marcos in the first scene!
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I have not watched any of the L&O series before but this casting was irresistible. I thought the regulars were an excellent ensemble, and Bart and Esparza had plenty of material to work with for a single episode. I look forward to Esparza in a recurring role because he gradually won me over to his character over the course of the episode. As a lawyer, one of my favorite moments was his resigned shrug when the judge refused his request to continue for another 30 minutes. Nice work, Mr. Barba.
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Roger was deliciously evil. If Raul is to be a continuing character, I would hope that someone talks to him about his enunciation. I watched it with a large group and there were many complaints of not being able to understand what he was saying.
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I like Roger Bart, but after winning the Tony for playing Snoopy, all I see are him in roles where he is a pretty vile and detestible characters (Hostel, this role on L&O).

Raul was pretty good. I didn't mind his enunciation, as I just took it as part of his fast talking lawyer character (which made me wonder what he would be like as Billy Flynn).
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I really liked it. Rory, I would like to see show up again. And Roger is always a good choice for any distasteful person. And I was particularly impressed with how well Raul fit in with the show. I hope he starts showing up more often on the show.
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Repeated tonight at 10 on NBC.
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As a fan of the show, I didn't love the episode, but I did enjoy the performances! Raul looked hot!
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Also Elizabeth Marvel.

I get the character choice of the fast-talking, no-bullsh*t lawyer, but it was like every phrase that came out of his mouth was one word. A lot of people I know who watched have said it was hard to understand him. I think it can work, it just needs to be moderated a little bit. It's a recurring part, but he's not back for almost a month.

I thought it was fine. Thought the episode was a little ridiculous, but I am not the biggest L&O fan to begin with. The performances were good, though (especially those Raul-Roger moments), and it's always nice to have a little Raul on my tv.

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