Trailer For Streisand/Rogen THE GUILT TRIP Released

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Jordan Catalano
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I can't wait. I hate that it takes her so long to do a movie. She is great at comedy and this looks just perfect for her.
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It doesn't look awful, but, and I'm not sure if it's the editing or Babs' performance, but her character seems a bit muddled and low energy. I'm probably being picky just because I've been hoping that this would be a solid film since I heard about it.
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I think most folks will wait for cable to see this.
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The trailer makes me want to see it - the scene at the Grand Canyon actually made me laugh out loud at my desk. Gonna be a two movie day - Les Miz and Guilt Trip.
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Anything looks like a breath of fresh air compared to the Meet the Fockers/Little Fockers work she was in (and was pretty much the only good thing in the former along with Dustin Hoffman).

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