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"VEGAS" (CBS) New show.
Posted: 9/27/12 at 08:06pm
I just watched the pilot episode on VOD.
Kinda weird.
Starring Michael Chiklis, Randy Quaid.
Seemed like they were going for Madmen meets/Vegas 1960 Cowboys and Mobsters. Didn't really work for me
Anyone see this?
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Posted: 9/27/12 at 10:24pm
It seems like mainstream TV and cinema isn't even trying with names anymore. There already was a "Vegas" with Robert Urich. Then there was just "Las Vegas."

It's like the indistinguishable Dark Knight titles, the assorted Spider-Men ... I can't help but think one day all shows will have the same name. Tune in tonight for "SitCom" on every network!
Let's all "put LaChiusa over Mozart" [whatever that means] and make empty heads explode!
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Jordan Catalano
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Posted: 9/27/12 at 10:34pm
I'm halfway through it now. Im finding it really hard to get into even though it's got Dennis Quaid who I'll see in anything.
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Posted: 9/27/12 at 11:05pm
I love QUaid, but I didn't even make it through the pilot. CBS basically is doing yet another procedural, but this time with a period/Mad Men setting. That kinda worked for Crime Story, the period cop show Michael Mann did to follow up Miami Vice (though I think it only ran a few years--randomly Michael Mann also created the late 70s tv show Vega$), but doesn't do much for me. I thought the networks had dropped the idea of doing period dramas after the failure of Playboy Club and PanAm last year...
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Posted: 9/27/12 at 11:25pm
I didn't make it through either and I liked the concept of Quaid as an old cowboy sheriff who is trying to survive the changing times. From the description and even critical praise of the pilot- I thought it would be one-half Kirk Douglas in LONELY ARE THE BRAVE and another half CASINO (a film I was not too into but I'd take it if it had Michael Chiklis). It seemed so by the numbers yet Quaid's cowboy wrestling against change even in the opening scene was so over the top.

I really think Quaid's an underrated actor and I thought this role would fit to Chiklis' strength- just nothing really going for them unfortunately. Carrie Anne Moss was nice to see again but again really nothing going yet. And not to bag on Jason O'Mara, but one of my concerns of this being a turkey lied in the fact he was in it because his show choices have not been stellar.

Las Vegas and Nevada has some crazy-ass history. There's more to it than casinos and the mob that I was hoping to see in the pilot. Didn't really get it.

Also the period set pieces left me cold- and even shows I hated like the Playboy Club, I admired the design and set pieces of the past it offered.
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Posted: 9/28/12 at 09:21am
Hated it
It was just another CBS crime show only this time set in Vegas in the 60s. The design was ugly as hell and everything i was hoping it would be (60s Las Vegas crime mafia type thing) was not there at all.

It really made me miss the camp show Las Vegas that i used to LOVE

Namo i love u but we get it don't like Madonna
Updated On: 9/29/12 at 09:21 AM
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Jim Colyer
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Posted: 9/29/12 at 02:28pm
I will watch it if I get the chance. I love everything about Las Vegas. Shania Twain will be at Caesar's Palace starting December 1.
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Jordan Catalano
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Posted: 9/29/12 at 02:30pm
Nobody cares what you think, you racist sack of Shit.

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