Best Musical Theatre Colleges on the East Coast?

Hey! The time has come for me to start looking for colleges! I'm hoping to major or minor in Musical Theatre! So, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of awesome/well-known colleges that offer great musical theatre programs. :)
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The difference between Majoring and Minoring in Musical Theatre is going to be huge. The majors are extremely time intensive and often (though not always) do not allow you to pick up another major or minor alongside them.

I personally am a musical theatre at Ithaca College so my bias is going to scream and shout for you to come here, however it's really all about gut reaction and personal preference. I myself felt more comfortable at Ithaca when deciding between Ithaca and another school (I hate bashing on other schools, so I won't say where). That being said my best friend who was making the exact same decision hated Ithaca and loved the other one and went there. We are both very happy and graduating at our respective colleges. Don't let prestige get in the way of your gut reaction. If it feels wrong it probably is, regardless of how good the school is.
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MainerMT is absolutely right. Go with your gut. I'm not going to tell you what to choose, but I would highly recommend checking out Elon University and Western Carolina University. You might like one of them.
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Marymount Manhattan college has a great musical theater minor.
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Rider University in New Jersey isn't that well known but it has a great musical theatre program. There's no minor, but the dance department has just been revamped by Robin Lewis - you can look him up - he's a really amazing dance instructor. And one of the voice teachers taught Kristin Chenoweth at some point and another taught Sutton Foster. It's a really great program that's becoming more well known. I know it's great because I go there!