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Spring Awakening is coming back to Broadway. But when and where?
Started By: rdsport323
23947,1118/4/15 5:33am
NY T-29 days and counting...
Started By: MarkBearSF
0348/4/15 5:16am
Lifetime to showcase touring Broadway shows
Started By: rdsport323
61,5358/4/15 4:47am
WAITRESS at A.R.T. Thread
Started By: Jeffrey Karasarides
6016,1558/4/15 4:22am
Mr Smith
Should There Be A Push for Recordings of Shows?
Started By: sephyr
613,7288/4/15 4:01am
Jessie J to do Spring Awakening
Started By: Mr Smith
02398/4/15 3:57am
Mr Smith
Will anyone be tuning into Disney's Descendants?
Started By: Ado Annie D'Ysquith
438,7888/4/15 3:55am
Cassadee Pope should do Phantom of the Opera
Started By: Mr Smith
01118/4/15 3:54am
Mr Smith
The Visit Has A Life After Broadway
Started By: Mr Roxy
362,4928/4/15 3:04am
Wild Party Edits
Started By: FutureDirector
181,0918/4/15 3:00am
BROADWAY SECRETS: Wherein we confess our controversial opinions
Started By: HorseTears
475359,3138/4/15 2:51am
Maltby and Shire's Waterfall
Started By: Wildcard
135,7298/4/15 1:50am
Coming to the city in September - need your help to pick shows
Started By: Inigomontoya
99978/4/15 1:43am
MAME - Broadway Revival
Started By: VernonGersch
232,4208/4/15 1:20am
Ladies and Gentleman....Taye Diggs is your next Hedwig
Started By: LightsOut90
556183,1918/4/15 1:16am
Kelli O'Hara and Victoria Clark to reunite at NY City Center for Dido and Aeneas.
Started By: boogienights
26498/4/15 1:03am
Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 8/2/15
Started By: Rob
375,8988/4/15 12:54am
Muny Theatre question
Started By: musicaltheatreman2
97078/4/15 12:27am
Phyllis Rogers Stone
Miscasting At Williamstown
Started By: A Director
228,4138/4/15 12:23am
Play Esq.
Who have you gotten stuff back from?
Started By: drswickedl5y998
4,1855,623,0358/4/15 12:11am
Chita Rivera, BILLY ELLIOT, Kander & Ebb Tribute, and More Lead PBS Arts Fall Festival
Started By: broadwayfreak4
36638/3/15 11:43pm
Jeffrey Karasarides
Which musical should Lincoln Center revive next?
Started By: Actriz2
10714,3848/3/15 11:31pm
Richard Gere in GREASE. Original London Cast. 1973
Started By: CarlosAlberto
25208/3/15 10:49pm
Started By: Phillypinto
181,7278/3/15 10:47pm
LMM's neck
Started By: HogansHero
81,6178/3/15 10:17pm
Emily Skeggs in Fun Home
Started By: MVintheheartland
121,5618/3/15 10:12pm
Imelda Staunton - GYPSY
Started By: TheFirst5Years
25648/3/15 10:09pm
Started By: Call_me_jorge
13058/3/15 9:46pm
Spamalot at the Hollywood Bowl
Started By: broadwayboy972
214,2008/3/15 9:38pm
Finding Neverland
Started By: bwayfan101
375,8498/3/15 9:31pm
Will Julie Andrews EVER return to the Broadway stage
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
212,9008/3/15 9:24pm
Next for the Lyric Theatre
Started By: Phillypinto
7612,4708/3/15 8:37pm
Dr Zhivago Cast Album?
Started By: Mr Roxy
17055,7758/3/15 8:31pm
Hamilton preview
Started By: MVintheheartland
57408/3/15 8:26pm
One ticket for Hamilton (8/15 matinee)
Started By: rob136
03298/3/15 8:19pm
OFFICAL: Michael Mayer to Helm West End Revival of FUNNY GIRL, Starring Sheridan Smith
Started By: CindersGolightly
131,7618/3/15 7:34pm
Big Broadway Quiz Thing Friday: Sample Questions
Started By: NewYorkTheater
12368/3/15 7:30pm
Sherdian Smith Funny Girl
Started By: Mr Smith
13638/3/15 7:18pm
Shuffle Along Casting!
Started By: Phillypinto
112,6568/3/15 6:53pm
Why is London getting Funny Girl and we aren't?
Started By: Phillypinto
9422,0578/3/15 6:49pm
Famous broadway scandals!
Started By: Annas_Priest
9272,0248/3/15 6:15pm
Patricia Morison Sings to Kelli O'Hara
Started By: disneybroadwayfan22
12898/3/15 6:03pm
Dear Evan Hansen
Started By: mfaye9
7627,9428/3/15 5:59pm
School Of Rock
Started By: BWAY Baby2
16008/3/15 5:33pm
Which musical should Roundabout revive next?
Started By: Actriz2
416,7158/3/15 5:27pm
Mr Roxy
UP HERE preview thread
Started By: NinaS
134,1898/3/15 5:12pm
Broadway Set Models
Started By: lightguy06222
59678/3/15 4:40pm
Hollywood stars... Do we even care?
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
191,5268/3/15 4:36pm
John @ Signature Theatre Co.
Started By: RippedMan
338,4378/3/15 4:08pm
Mamma Mia Tix
Started By: bwayfan101
49348/3/15 3:38pm

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