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On the 20th Century Stage DoorOn the 20th Century Stage Door
Started By: disneybroadwayfan22
178,8135/28/15 6:03pm
Times Square ScamsTimes Square Scams
Started By: bilingual
31445/28/15 6:02pm
2009 Tony-Tie2009 Tony-Tie
Started By: mattporter17
2415/28/15 6:01pm
Memorable song from recent flopsMemorable song from recent flops
Started By: Junior Babcock
73505/28/15 5:58pm
Can someone explain the ending of Can someone explain the ending of "The Visit" to me?
Started By: Pippin
111,0065/28/15 5:53pm
Definitive Definitive "Porgy and Bess" Recording?
Started By: Sally Durant Plummer
85365/28/15 5:48pm
Started By: ClydeBarrow
2311,1095/28/15 5:46pm
Started By: trpguyy
238985/28/15 5:43pm
Official Official "Beauty & the Beast" Film Adaptation Thread
Started By: n2nbaby
575203,5385/28/15 5:39pm
Its Only A Play (2.0)Its Only A Play (2.0)
Started By: LightsOut90
4617,5265/28/15 5:39pm
Colin Firth in My Fair LadyColin Firth in My Fair Lady
Started By: gstrus2
656,7545/28/15 5:30pm
This is why Brits monopolize broadway....This is why Brits monopolize broadway....
Started By: Caspian2
271,6185/28/15 5:26pm
Favorite Scores since 2000Favorite Scores since 2000
Started By: jdrye222
241,5215/28/15 5:23pm
"Sylvia" Headed to Broadway
Started By: gstrus2
181,0775/28/15 5:22pm
Dr Zhivago Cast Album?Dr Zhivago Cast Album?
Started By: Mr Roxy
9625,9975/28/15 5:09pm
Plays/musicals due for a revivalPlays/musicals due for a revival
Started By: Actriz2
174365/28/15 5:06pm
And the musical numbers to be performed at the Tonys are...And the musical numbers to be performed at the Tonys are...
Started By: RaisedOnMusicals
129425/28/15 5:01pm
Mr Roxy
"Fun Home" on The View
Started By: ucjrdude902
272,3925/28/15 5:00pm
TDF UpdateTDF Update
Started By: Mr Roxy
162,4245/28/15 4:57pm
Mr Roxy
CONSENT: New Play at the Black Box Theater!CONSENT: New Play at the Black Box Theater!
Started By: youknowyouwantto
42335/28/15 4:51pm
Line-Up of Tony Performances & Presenters 2015Line-Up of Tony Performances & Presenters 2015
Started By: jacobsnchz14
344,8785/28/15 4:41pm
FISH IN THE DARK: Lottery? Rush? Standing Room?FISH IN THE DARK: Lottery? Rush? Standing Room?
Started By: mamaleh
2117,0495/28/15 4:28pm
Mr Roxy
Hamilton - Best Musical 2016?Hamilton - Best Musical 2016?
Started By: RingOfKeys2
678,4305/28/15 3:44pm
Mister Matt
KeKe Palmer Joins KeKe Palmer Joins "Grease Live!"
Started By: ucjrdude902
55775/28/15 3:43pm
Help with July TripHelp with July Trip
Started By: ampi2
01405/28/15 3:20pm
Betty Buckley in Grey Gardens!Betty Buckley in Grey Gardens!
Started By: imeldasturn
221,4125/28/15 3:08pm
Favorite scores since 2000Favorite scores since 2000
Started By: jbomb
46815/28/15 3:03pm
Roger Rees has departed The VisitRoger Rees has departed The Visit
Started By: LightsOut90
306,5785/28/15 2:57pm
Cast of SOMETHING ROTTEN sings about the Tony nomineesCast of SOMETHING ROTTEN sings about the Tony nominees
Started By: jacobsnchz14
58315/28/15 2:51pm
Food ideas for TONYS party?Food ideas for TONYS party?
Started By: HBBrock
181,5415/28/15 2:43pm
An On the 20th Century transfer??An On the 20th Century transfer??
Started By: #1CarrieFan
4316,0365/28/15 2:23pm
Prince of Broadway in Japan!Prince of Broadway in Japan!
Started By: Phillypinto
02075/28/15 2:16pm
Megan Mullally- Star for Her Megan Mullally- Star for Her
Started By: BroadwayBound062
81,1455/28/15 2:12pm
Wednesday Addams Audition Song Help?Wednesday Addams Audition Song Help?
Started By: Jfo2014
63495/28/15 2:09pm
Airline Highway: Wow. Airline Highway: Wow.
Started By: Buffalo Bill
161,0655/28/15 1:48pm
The Kristin/Kelli/Chita competition...The Kristin/Kelli/Chita competition...
Started By: ljay889
24055,8655/28/15 1:45pm
Jordan Catalano
recommendations for shows when i come to NYC in Julyrecommendations for shows when i come to NYC in July
Started By: broadwaybabywannabe2
151,2175/28/15 1:39pm
Darren Criss in HedwigDarren Criss in Hedwig
Started By: maxkko
248167,6785/28/15 12:19pm
When a play is over but the audience isn't really sure it's overWhen a play is over but the audience isn't really sure it's over
Started By: Wee Thomas2
51,9785/28/15 12:18pm
Shakespeare in the Park Virtual LineShakespeare in the Park Virtual Line
Started By: dave1606
39615/28/15 12:14pm
What did this board think of Legally Blonde the musical?What did this board think of Legally Blonde the musical?
Started By: LipstickLola
364,4705/28/15 11:32am
IN THE HEIGHTS  Harlem Repertory TheaterIN THE HEIGHTS Harlem Repertory Theater
Started By: kyle4
11,1605/28/15 11:27am
Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/24/15Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/24/15
Started By: Rob
318,3195/28/15 11:08am
Interview With Kelly Bishop! (Dirty Dancing, A Chorus Line)Interview With Kelly Bishop! (Dirty Dancing, A Chorus Line)
Started By: Corine2
1516,7825/28/15 10:44am
Jordan Catalano
Chenoweth as Host & NomineeChenoweth as Host & Nominee
Started By: RingOfKeys2
69405/28/15 9:45am
Something Rotten Cast Album available on iTunes/Amazon MP3 (Pre-Order)Something Rotten Cast Album available on iTunes/Amazon MP3 (Pre-Order)
Started By: jacobsnchz14
102,6635/28/15 9:16am
Mary-Louise Parker in HEISENBERG Off-Broadway in MayMary-Louise Parker in HEISENBERG Off-Broadway in May
Started By: PianoMann
2811,3625/28/15 8:41am
Polka Dot2
HOCUS POCUS stage show coming to Disney WorldHOCUS POCUS stage show coming to Disney World
Started By: jacobsnchz14
41,1225/28/15 8:20am
My Dream Is Coming True - Original Cast Of INTO THE WOODS Reuniting In NYCMy Dream Is Coming True - Original Cast Of INTO THE WOODS Reuniting In NYC
Started By: Jordan Catalano
152,5865/28/15 7:43am
PS Classics The Golden ApplePS Classics The Golden Apple
Started By: DCS
4618,1545/28/15 3:14am
Mr. Nowack

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