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Kelli O'Hara, Lerner & Loewe, Kander and Ebb
Started By: OlBlueEyes
342,7038/31/16 12:14am
Digital Lotteries...the new thing?
Started By: Hairspray0901
10878,2848/31/16 12:14am
ONCE ON THIS ISLAND Returning to Broadway
Started By: AKarp2013
533,9158/31/16 12:00am
Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
1,0861,433,7758/30/16 11:49pm
Patti LuPone FANatic
Leona Lewis OFFICIALLY cast as Grizabella
Started By: RW3
9611,6728/30/16 11:48pm
Hamilton in Chicago
Started By: Call_me_jorge
302,9868/30/16 11:26pm
Kinky Boots tour lately
Started By: darreyl102
181,8448/30/16 11:22pm
Grisetti, Kritzer, and Brunell join Something Rotten
Started By: RW3
376,9568/30/16 11:11pm
ANASTASIA Broadway Cast Confirmed, Set for Broadhurst Theatre - Spring 2017
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
8815,0528/30/16 10:49pm
Hedwig tour set for early October 2016
Started By: AppleSunday
14144,3638/30/16 10:48pm
The Curious Incident - Rush seats
Started By: musicaltheatreman2
71,0168/30/16 10:31pm
Great Comet Discount
Started By: gypsy101
354,6868/30/16 10:28pm
Front Page discounts
Started By: JoeyEvans1206
52488/30/16 10:26pm
Audience Rewards redemption
Started By: Patash
447,1718/30/16 10:19pm
2016 Joseph Jefferson Awards Nominees
Started By: Call_me_jorge
83438/30/16 10:12pm
Singing in the Rain Revival?
Started By: brdwybound04
112,0078/30/16 9:46pm
Riedel on Gene Wilder and the history of "Pure Imagination"
Started By: 10086sunset
13848/30/16 9:38pm
"Quietly" Final Moments (SPOILERS? Maybe?)
Started By: The Wind & Rain
0858/30/16 9:04pm
The Wind & Rain
Funniest Musical of All Time?
Started By: Oak2
493,7738/30/16 8:44pm
David Henry Hwang on Gene Wilder
Started By: EthelMae
01138/30/16 8:26pm
Name the play...
Started By: Relevance81491
11678/30/16 8:19pm
Barbra's ENCORE
Started By: MichelleCraig
211,6988/30/16 8:14pm
WAR PAINT - Pre-Broadway Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
30570,2258/30/16 7:33pm
Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 8/28/16
Started By: Rob
172,7378/30/16 7:13pm
Danny Burstein out this week
Started By: TonyVincent
131,9628/30/16 7:12pm
MAME REVIVAL!!! Needs to happen!
Started By: Aden_Siegel
906,9848/30/16 7:06pm
Cupid Boy2
Help please for imminent NYC/DC trip
Started By: edcrum
55278/30/16 6:44pm
Standby at BAM
Started By: Play Esq.
0938/30/16 6:42pm
Play Esq.
In Transit to Circle in the Square
Started By: LizzieCurry
479,6328/30/16 6:31pm
Did Constellations recoup?
Started By: Daddy Warbucks
21698/30/16 6:16pm
Daddy Warbucks
The Thread for HAMILTON Fans/Obsessives [SPOILERS AHEAD]
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
1,2521,062,8728/30/16 5:43pm
Pre/post show dinner and drinks
Started By: Saralou
42428/30/16 5:15pm
Best Broadway Ad Campaigns/Designs of All Time
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
149708/30/16 5:11pm
Elsie Fest 2016
Started By: mpkie
81,3508/30/16 3:28pm
Jenna Ushkowitz to Step in for Kimiko Glenn in WAITRESS
Started By: ethan231h
4913,0238/30/16 3:07pm
Fiddler or Color Purple
Started By: ageorges3
261,7758/30/16 3:00pm
FUN HOME Will Close on September 10th
Started By: Jeffrey Karasarides
10715,7108/30/16 2:47pm
Hamilton Ticket Swap (2 tix)
Started By: theater245
01648/30/16 1:34pm
White Rabbit Red Rabbit
Started By: Caitiecait92
193,3208/30/16 1:28pm
Started By: Whippersnapper
152,3668/30/16 12:50pm
Sweet Charity - New Group
Started By: ryandl15
12720,3338/30/16 12:44pm
Cynthia Erivo and Joshua Henry in Last 5 Years!
Started By: gstrus2
15618,1898/30/16 11:17am
Glenn Casale's The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Started By: pnewelljr
8313,3028/30/16 11:02am
The Distinctive Baritone
Ben Fankhauser on his 'Beautiful' life & the latest 'Newsies' news
Started By: Wayman_Wong
111,7038/30/16 10:30am
Question about Constellations
Started By: BeingAlive 2
63958/30/16 8:54am
After Eight
Holiday Inn Press Preview
Started By: RW3
61,2378/30/16 8:45am
My Fair Lady Sydney previews
Started By: NZBOY2
02218/30/16 2:54am
PLAYBILL Covers of the 2016-2017 Season
Started By: yknot
375,1848/29/16 11:59pm
Christopher Sieber, Brooks Ashmanskas, Beth Leavel & More Will Star in Broadway-Bound THE PROM
Started By: JM226
122,1428/29/16 11:36pm
Hamilton ticket EXCHANGE thread.. Work it out amongst yourselves here FREE
Started By: brdway411
6535,1598/29/16 10:07pm

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