VIDEO: CARLY ROSE WATCH: Sonenclar Sings 'Over The Rainbow' on THE X FACTOR

On this week's THE X FACTOR, Broadway's Carly Rose Sonenclar blew the competition away with her rendition of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow,' which she dedicated to her older brother. In case you missed the performance, check it out below!

Below, read what the judges had to say:

Simon Cowell: "I've heard that song a lot of times, and that was one of the best versions of it I've ever heard. Seriously, amazing. And you know what? When I said to Vino, 'I think you're going to be number one next week,' I think i've changed my mind."

L.A. Reid: "You are absolute force of nature. I dont know where it comes from, and when you least expect it, you dig deeper and you pull out the big one. But that time you pulled out a big two - you went to two big notes. You only needed one, and you went to two! I dont know how you do it."

Demi Lovato: "It's like you're an alien or something - but that's okay, because I love aliens!"

Sonenclar has appeared on Broadway in Les Miserables and Wonderland, and has also taken the stage in NYMF's The Night of the Hunter (2006) and the national tour of Little House on the Prairie the Musical.

Keep up with Carly at: Twitter: @CarlyRoseMusic


VIDEO: CARLY ROSE WATCH: Sonenclar Sings 'Over The Rainbow' on THE X FACTOR
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