MEL BROOKS One-Night Only Solo Show at Geffen Playhouse Was Taped!

MEL BROOKS One-Night Only Solo Show at Geffen Playhouse Was Taped!

Legendary comedian Mel Brooks performed a one-man, one-night only show at Geffen Playhouse's Gil Cates Theater last night, Monday, April 28, 2014.

According to a tweet by Carl Reiner, the performance was captured on film! "I am lucky to have seen Mel Brooks do a brilliant 1 man show at the Geffen Playhouse tonite," tweeted Reiner, "& you're lucky it was taped for you all to see."

No details have been revealed as to when or where the performance will be broadcast.

The show is described as "an introspective retrospective of Mel Brooks' life and career." This will mark Brooks' first one-man stage production.

"What Mel wanted to do was to have a platform to tell some of these great stories that he has in an intimate fashion," said Kevin Salter, a producer of the show, by phone.

According to Salter, Brooks saw Bette Midler in her recent solo play "I'll Eat You Last", which also played at the Geffen. While meeting with the actress backstage, Brooks was inspired to put on his own show. "She [Midler] said the he should do something here. It got him thinking and he came to us in February or March and said let's try to make this happen," Salter said. "Mel works in that live TV way where everything happens quickly."

Director, producer, writer and actor, Brooks is in an elite group as one of the few entertainers to earn all four major entertainment prizes - the Tony, Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar. His iconic movies include "The Producers" and "Young Frankenstein", both of which were adapted for the Broadway stage. 'The Producers', starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, earned three Tonys in 2001, including the award for new musical.

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