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Interview with Set Designer, Allen Moyer

TS: Do you remember your emotional response when you first read the play?

AM: I think for anybody in a long-term relationship, like I am lucky to be in, the play gives you something to think about. Is the routine of a long-term relationship a bad or a good thing? For Gabe and Karen, I think that is the point of the play. They learn that routine with the person that you love is a beautiful thing. Maybe Beth and Tom feel they need more excitement in their lives and that for them the routine is not a comfortable, warm, lovely sort of thing. I think Gabe and Karen-especially Gabe-realize that routine can be what defines a loving relationship and that it's a wonderful thing. I think I understand where Gabe is at emotionally and what his journey is. I have had that journey myself.

Darren Pettie, Heather Burns, Jeremy Shamos and Marin Hinkle in Dinner with Friends.

TS: Who or what inspires you as a set designer? Do you go see other productions?

AM: Sometimes, I am embarrassed how little theatre I see anymore. I have to say I usually go to events that involve music-so I tend to see more opera. I really enjoy going to dance events as well, but it all seems to go in cycles. In six months I might say I only go to see a few plays. Plus, there are only 24 hours in a day and when a good deal of my time is already spent sitting in a dark theatre, you get my point. Frankly, I'm not sure that, for a designer, looking to the theatre for inspiration is all that effective. Probably two hours in a museum, or a week in Rome, is likely to yield higher results. Or even a good conversation across the dinner table for that matter.

Dinner with Friends plays at the Laura Pels Theatre through April 13. For more information and tickets, please visit our website.

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