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A CHRISTMAS STORY BLOG: Johnny Rabe - Surviving Sandy


Since I live in Chicago, I had never experienced a hurricane until Sandy hit us in NYC.  We were a block from an evacuation zone, but were able to stay put.  We made it though just fine.  We didn't even lose power.  We were very grateful to have it so easy and are so glad that most people have their power back now.  My mom and I walked around midtown Manhattan on the day after the hurricane.  Most things were closed, even Starbucks for hot chocolate :( but a lot of New Yorkers were out and about.  We saw the crane on 57th Street that had collapsed in the strong winds and we walked over to Central Park, but the park was closed due to trees and branches being down.The Cast dress up for Hallowe'en

Due to the hurricane, our first two days of rehearsals at the theater had to be delayed.  On the Wednesday after the hurricane, everyone in the cast was so happy to get back to rehearsals. We also had a fun trick-or-treating party during our dinner break the first day back. We rehearsed from noon to midnight every day that week, and were well-prepared for the first public preview performance on Wednesday, November 7.  We were thrilled with how much applause we got from the audience.  Looking forward to a great run!

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