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You're Nicked!#1
Posted: 2/25/11 at 7:52pm
A hip hop musical based on Nick Clegg's role in the formation of the coalition Government will be performed later this year.

The show, which has the working title Nicked, features David Cameron in a "rap off" with his backbenchers and promises to take in the student demonstrations and the run-up to the referendum on voting reform.

Steven Atkinson, the artistic director of the HighTide Festival in Suffolk, where the show will be performed, said it will follow "the rise and fall of Nick Clegg".

He said: "The genesis of it comes from a writer called Richard Marsh. He is a left-wing performance poet and has teamed up with DJ Natalia Sheppard who has given it an urban score.

"The narrative is that in the first half we have the formation of the coalition and Clegg's struggle to decide which way to go. They are all in there - Cameron, Clegg, Brown and the Milibands.

"There is a brilliant scene when Cameron has to go to the Conservative Party to convince them the coalition is the way to go and they have a rap off and of course it's all these posh white men rapping like street kids."

You're Nicked!

The show starts on April 30, before the May 5 referendum, but Atkinson said it would be as up to date as possible.

He said: "Whatever happens in May, Clegg seems to have lost whatever momentum he once had."
The cast has still to be decided but Atkinson said he was hopeful it would go to the West End if it proved to be a success.

He added the writers had spoken to people close to the politicians involved but said he did not know if Mr Clegg was aware of it.

He added: "He did drama at university so maybe he will have a sense of humour about this."

The Liberal Democrat leader is not the first politician to be immortalised on the stage. The opera Nixon in China is based on US President Richard Nixon's unexpected 1972 visit to the country

(From: London's Evening Standard)