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'Buttons! You're Pissed!' Oh Yes He Is!

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'Buttons! You're Pissed!' Oh Yes He Is!#1
Posted: 12/20/10 at 1:32pm
Former Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones has been sacked from a panto due to his on going drinking problem.

The actor, who was sacked from his role as Les Battersby in 2007, admitted that he had an alcohol problem earlier this year when he appeared in court on a drink driving charge.
Jones had been starring in Cinderella, but was let go yesterday when he failed to turn up for a performance.

"Bruce hasn't fallen off the wagon because he's never been on it," the panto's producer Michael Hizer said. "When we hired him, his agent said he was clean but he regularly sits in the pub until closing time and comes in the next day stinking of booze.
"Bruce kept forgetting his lines and was unprofessional. I'll never work with him again."

Jones's costar Casey-Lee Jolleys, who played Fred Elliot's mail order bride Orchid in the ITV soap, claimed that children in the audience had complained that the actor smelled of alcohol.

"Bruce's drinking has been a problem and him denying it is part of the problem," she admitted. "It's sad."

Both Jones and his agent denied that he had been sacked.

"This is really very upsetting," the 57-year-old said. "I've put my heart and soul into this panto and I just hope the lovely mums, dads and children will understand my predicament.

"In the last weeks the people of Hyde have been great to me."

His agent Tony Nyland added: "Any suggestion that Bruce is back drinking is totally wrong and an absolute lie. Bruce has walked out because they haven't paid him a penny since the show started. He's owed thousands."

'Buttons! You're Pissed!' Oh Yes He Is!

Updated On: 12/20/10 at 01:32 PM
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'Buttons! You're Pissed!' Oh Yes He Is!#2
Posted: 12/20/10 at 4:36pm
Do the other actors continue to work without getting paid ?