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CARRIE challenge...

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CARRIE challenge...#1
Posted: 11/22/09 at 5:32am
So how long will it be until certain people here have heard the workshop reading?
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re: CARRIE challenge...#2
Posted: 11/22/09 at 10:57am
gimmie a day or 2
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re: CARRIE challenge...#2
Posted: 11/22/09 at 12:10pm
OK we need to set up a sweepstake. How long till our number 1 Carrie fan has the reading?

I give it 5 days.
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re: CARRIE challenge...#3
Posted: 12/1/09 at 9:36pm
For those who want to knowe about the new version i have typed out the song list and a scene and song breakdown so they may be *spoilers* if you don't want to know about the show and the ending etc. I must say sorry for spelling etc, im dyslexic so it takes me a while to spot the problems haha.

Hope this helps

here is a rundown for you

Act 1
Our Father - Ensemble and Sue
'In' - Sue, Chris and male and female ensemble
Carrie - Carrie
Open Your Heart - Ensemble, Preacher, Margret and Carrie
Eve Was Weak - Margret and Carrie
The World According to Chris - Chris, Billy, Sue, Tommy and Ensemble
Evening Prayers - Margret and Carrie
Tommy's Poem - Tommy
Unsuspecting Hearts - Miss Gardner and Carrie
Do Me A Favour - Sue, Tommy, Chris. Billy, Ensemble
Invited - Margret, Carrie
I remember How Those Boys Could Dance - Margret, Carrie

A Night We'll Never Forget- Chris, Sue, Tommy, Billy, Carrie, Ensemb;e
You Shine - Sue and Tommy
Why Not Me - Carrie
Carrie Reprise - Margret and Carrie
When Thereís No One - Margret
A Night We' Never Forget (Reprise)- Ensemble
Unsuspecting Hearts (Reprise) - Miss Gardner, Carrie
Tommy's Poem (Reprise)- Tommy, Carrie
I Believe in Getting Even/A Night We'll Never Forget (Reprise)- Chris, Billy, Ensemble
Alma Mater/ The Destruction - Carrie, Ensemble
Carrie (Reprise)- Margret, Carrie
Our Father (Reprise)- Ensemble

Here is a step by step look at the show (hope this helps satisfy your curiosities about the new Carrie)

The show starts with the Hymn Our Father at the same time we see Sue who starts the play off by talking about the events what happened in Carrie, its present day, we flashback to 1984

Song - IN - This is set at first in the girls bedrooms all over the stage as they get ready for school, it then moves to the school corridor where we meet the boys and then to the volleyball court where the girls and Carrie are playing Volleyball. The song is far better than it was, lyrics have been changed especially for the second verse which is now sung by the boys (who have some very funny lines), even though the reading is only done with a Piano and drums you can tell itís got a better beat and kick to this song. The harmonies during it are brilliant and have some great back up from the boys which give it an almost spooky feel towards the end. The song ends with the girls throwing the ball to Carrie and she drops it and everyone laughs at her/gets annoyed etc. Miss Gardner moves them in to the showers and Carrie gets in the shower as the song 'In' continues (and gets huge) until its stopped by a scream.

Scene - Period Scene. The dreadful Dream On is gone and this now just plays as a scene. Similar to the original Miss Gardner finds her on the floor and slaps her and a light bulb explodes. The girls laugh at he and Miss Gardner goes to see the principal (same scene from the film) . Carrie is called in and he keeps calling her Cassie, we hear people shouting Scary White and the moment bursts in to

Song - Carrie - Just the same as the original but a tad shorter.

Scene - Basketball - Tommy and the boys are playing Basketball and talking about girls and their prom dates, Carrie walks by and they mock her but Tommy defends her

SONG - Open Your Heart - Like the original 84 workshop the song has gone back to what it was. Margaret is at home listening to a Christian channel on the radio, we hear the song playing through there with a preacher talking throughout, Carrie comes in and the 2 sing the rest of the song.

SCENE - Something terrible - Carrie tells her mum about what happened in the shower, itís the same scene almost as the original

SONG - Eve Was Weak - Again the same as the original as Margaret tells Carrie she knows she has sinned and thatís why she has her period (the curse of blood) she locks Carrie in the cupboard., brilliant as always, just a few slight changes to lyrics.

SCENE - We were Kids - Sue talks to the audience and tells them that they were just kids trying to get along, quick scene with Tommy as well

SONG - The World According to Chris - This song replaces Donít Waste The Moon and is now set at a burger bar. Itís a fun up-tempo song with some very fun lyrics. Chris tells the gang her feelings on things inc Carrie, all the teen leads (Sue Tommy, Chris and Billy) sing on this one as well as the fantastic sounding Ensemble. Very campy but it works well though could do with been a bit darker. Saying that its better than Donít Waste The Moon.

SONG - Evening prayers - Same as the original, Carrie prays in her closet till mother lets her out, they sing this amazing song together. It ends with Carrie going up to bed and as she does she makes the candelabra rise in to the air using her power. Margret senses somethingís happening and turns around, but before she sees Carrie has lowered it back down.

SCENE - English Class - The English teacher is telling the kids what a low standard their recent homework was, all but one, Tommy's Poem, he is asked to read it out in front of the class as the rest of the boys ()including Billy) find it hysterical, Tommy reluctantly gets up.

SONG - Tommy's Poem - Back in the show after been dropped from the 84 workshop Tommy sings his poem. At the end the rest of the class laugh but Carrie comments that she thinks itís beautiful. After class Sue tries to say sorry to Carrie for what she did to her in the showers. Carrie thinks sheís been tricked again and reacts badly, Sue sings a brief song.

SCENE - Sorry - Miss Gardner makes the girls say sorry to Chris, this scene is a lot better than before as it goes back to the screenplay and novel, all the girls say sorry except Chris who insults her again. Chris has her prom ticket revoked and reacts badly. Miss Gardener pushes her. She warns everyone there all gonna be sorry.

SONG - Unsuspecting Hearts - Miss Gardner sees Carrie crying and talks to her to comfort her, Carrie says she has to let Chris go to the prom because itís important to her, Miss Gardner tells her Carrie should go to, they sing the song together as before.

SCENE - Parent Teacher Conference- The Principal and miss Gardner are talking to Margret in his office about what happened to Carrie, things donít go so well with Margaret preaching to them and insulting them....great scene very creepy

SONG - Dom Me A Favour - Great new staging. This starts off at Sues house with Tommy and Sue, Sue is asking Tommy for a Favour, to take Carrie to the prom instead of her as she thinks it will be a nice gesture and help Carrie fit in. On the other side of the stage we are at a garage where Billy is fixing up a car, Chris asks him to help her get revenge on Carrie since she canít go to the prom anymore. Both guys agree to do what has been asked of them. The song sounds great and moves well. Its shorter than the original version and set in realistic locations other than the strange leather get up they all had from the original.

SCENE - The invitation - One of the biggest crimes of the original was how badly this scene happened (tagged on the end of the previous song) this time Tommy goes to Carrie's house to ask her. Heís charming to her, Carrie thinks itís a trick but he puts her mind at ease, Carrie says yes.

SONG - Invited - Carrie and her mum at sat at opposite ends of the table eating. Itís the same scene from the film where Carrie tells her mum she has been invited to the prom; it ends with Margaret throwing her cup full of tea in Carries face and then moves in to

SONG - I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance - Very well done though could do with reverting back to the original as this one seems a tad too quick cutting many of the battle moments between Carrie and her Mother out. This song is pretty much all Margaret now. Itís still haunting as ever though. Margaret is telling the story of how Carrie's father broke her down, how she had sex 1 time and that was when Carrie was conceived. She tells her she knows what boys are like and they will just use her. An angry Carrie makes all the windows fly open, the rain starts pouring in. Margaret goes to shut them, Carrie traps her in the room with her powers, Margaret calls her a witch. It ends with Carrie singing 'Nothing you can say or do will ever stop me again'

End of act 1


SONG - A Night We'll Never Forget, This of course replaces Out For Blood though a verse from that song still remains which Chris sings. The song is all the teens including Carrie, it shows them all shopping for prom outfits, Carrie trying to buy make up, Chris and Billy going to the pig farm, Carrie making her dress etc. The song ends with Chris and Billy rigging up the blood above to podium. Again itís a very teen sounding song but fits the moment great as its filled with teenage excitement

SCENE - What about us? - The girls at school are not happy that Tommy is taking Carrie to the prom and let her know. Sue and Tommy also talk and he reassures her that he loves her and that heís doing this for her, itís actually a very lovely moment.

SONG - You Shine - Replacing the 2 previous songs (white Star in the Stratford Production and It Hurts To Be Strong on Broadway) this new song is a love song between Tommy and Sue, a great new addition

SONG - Why Not Me? - This replaces Iím Not Alone. Carrie is in her room reading up about her power and discovers its telekinesis. She manages to move her hair brush with her power. She then sings the new song about how she wants what then other kids have, she asks Why Not Me, shes happy and excited, sheís sat on her bed singing, as she does her bed raises up off the floor

SONG AND SCENE - Carrie Reprise - Like the original Margaret goes in to Carries room and tries to talk her out of going, Carrie uses her power to pin Margaret to the wall as she continues to get ready. She pleads with her not to go but Carrie hears Tommy's voice outside calling and leaves, as she does Margaret tells her she should never have had her and never let her live, Carrie asks 'why did you?

SONG - When Thereís No One - Margaret reads some verses from the bible and says she has to sacrifice Carrie and then sings the song about being alone once Carrie is gone, beautiful as always, the song also has a great build it in now.

SONG - A Night We'll Never Forget (reprise) The kids are at the prom getting their pics taken and dancing on the dance floor, Carrie enters and everyone is amazed at how great she looks, the kids seem to be nice to her and compliment her on her dress, Tommy is doing all he can to put her at ease. He asks her to dance but she says 'not yet' he goes to get her a drink

SONGS AND SCENES - Unsuspecting Hearts Reprise, Tommyís Poem Reprise, I believe in Getting Even/A Night We'll Never Forget Reprise- Miss Gardener sits with Carrie and tells her about her prom experience Carrie seems happy. Tommy and Carrie vote for themselves as prom king and queen. Chris best friend Norma collects the ballots. Tommy gets Carrie to dance. Sue sneaks in to the prom and sees Norma doing something with the ballots (sheís switching the real ones for fake ones). Sue looks up and sees the bucket and tries to warn Miss Gardner. Miss Gardner thinks Sue is there to cause trouble and throws her out. Tommy and Carrie are named Prom King and Queen.

SONG - Alma Mater and the Destruction - The 2 take to the stage and get their applause but the moment is ruined when Chris screams 'now Billy now' and the bucket of blood is tipped over covering Carrie. Carrie starts to go in to frenzy as she sings the Destruction. The kids laugh at the prank (except a few and Tommy). Carrie locks all the doors to the gym with her powers, the gym bursts in to flames, she kills everyone at the prom. Carrie leaves through the carnage and goes home.

SCENE - Trail of Destruction - Sue and a few others step forward and tell how the siren from the steeple sounded through the town, the siren is reserved for emergencies. A trail of destruction was left throughout the town as Carrie walked home; we learn she killed over 170 people at the prom

SONG - Carrie Reprise - At home she cries out for her mum and Margaret comforts her, Carrie tells her that she was right, all the kids laughed at her. Margaret cradles her and sings to her before pulling out a knife and stabbing Carrie with it, Carrie tries to run away and Margret follows her. With her last bit of energy Carrie reaches her arms up towards the sky and a lightning bolt strikes Margaret throwing her back in to the alter she has at home. Sheís dead. Sue comes in to Carries house and sees what has happened; she cradles Carrie until Carrie dies in her arms.

SONG - Our Father - Photos of kids taken at prom night show up on the back wall, one more photo appears, its Carrie in her prom dress.....sheís happy

End of show
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