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Frankenstein at The Mainstage Inc


10/17/2019 - 10/18/2019


The Mainstage Inc

The Century Center Bendix Theatre
South Bend, 46601
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Phone: 5742502300

Frankenstein in South Bend

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Not your green monster musical!
After years of movies, TV and other media portraying Frankenstein‘s monster as a giant green flat-headed entity, it is hard for us to imagine the creature as anything else. However, Mary Shelley’s novel of 1818 is the story of a brilliant young man who is searching to overcome death during the age of enlightenment and scientific exploration. By reanimating a human he achieves his goal of creation, but it brings many unexpected sorrows with it. 200 years later mankind still struggles with the question of, “If we can change human life; should we?" In this musical version of Frankenstein there is love, scientific exploration, sorrow and (of course) horror. Please don’t let the notion of a large green monster scare you away from attending “Frankenstein, the musical!”

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