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Photo Flash: First Look at Ockham's Razor's BELLY OF THE WHALE
by BWW News Desk - Jul 2, 2018

Belly of the Whale from Ockham's Razor, winners of the Total Theatre and Jacksons Lane Award for Circus at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, is an incredible meeting of circus and sculpture. This new outdoor show offers an innovative combination of cross-disciplinary curiosity and intuition. (more...)

BWW Review: SEE/SAW Magician Siegfried Tieber Amazes Close-Up Audience Conjuring Unbelievable Playing Card Manipulations
by Shari Barrett - Oct 28, 2017

With his unique combination of an Austrian father ( my name ) and Colombian mother ( my hair ) who raised him in Ecuador ( my accent ), as well as his incredibly animated face which he knows how to use to maximum dramatic effect during each and every trick, Siegfried is a true wonder to behold. During the evening, he shares that magic is based on a deception that creates an illusion, which did little to explain his amazing prowess with cards, especially when using one deck in plain sight after several audience members shuffle the deck - or predicting which card would be found in the sealed envelope hanging above his head before we even arrived. His type of magic definitely appeals to the emotions with elements of mystery and surprise thrown in to create gasps of wonder throughout his two-hour show. (more...)

Photo Flash: Jeremy Lawrence in LONELY MAN'S HABIT
by BWW News Desk - Mar 29, 2011

Tennessee Williams is the subject of A LONELY MAN'S HABIT, a new play performed and written by Jeremy Lawrence, inspired by the words and work of the legendary author who would have celebrated his 100th birthday last Sunday. Performances begin Wednesday, March 30 at the cell (338 West 23rd St), running through April 16. (more...)

Photo Flash: The Cell's AND THEN YOU GO ON
by BWW News Desk - Mar 21, 2011

the cell presents Bob Jaffe's ...AND THEN YOU GO ON, AN ANTHOLOGY OF THE WORKS OF Samuel Beckett, beginning March 23, as part of See-Saw SOLO FESTIVAL, at the cell (338 West 23rd Street) in the heart of Chelsea. (more...)