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Urban Cowboy - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Danny Arena Composer/Lyricist
Clint Black Composer/Lyricist
Jeff Blumenkrantz Composer/Lyricist
Rebekka Bremlette Composer/Lyricist
Roger Brown Composer/Lyricist
Jason Robert Brown Composer/Lyricist
Dorsey Burnette III Composer/Lyricist
Carl L. Byrd Composer/Lyricist
Pevin Byrd-Munoz Composer/Lyricist
Jerry Chesnut Composer/Lyricist
Tommy Conners Composer/Lyricist
Paramount Pictures Corporation Source Material
(based on film)
Tom Crain Composer/Lyricist
Charles Daniels Composer/Lyricist
Taz DiGregorio Composer/Lyricist
Fred Edwards Composer/Lyricist
Skip Ewing Composer/Lyricist
Charlie Hayward Composer/Lyricist
Wayland D. Holyfield Composer/Lyricist
Bob Lee House Composer/Lyricist
Marcus Hummon Composer/Lyricist
Aaron Latham Bookwriter
Sara Light Composer/Lyricist
Lauren Lucas Composer/Lyricist
Martie Maguire Composer/Lyricist
Wanda Mallette Composer/Lyricist
Jim Marshall Composer/Lyricist
Bob Morrison Composer/Lyricist
James Hayden Nicholas Composer/Lyricist
Phillip Oesterman Bookwriter
Luke Reed Composer/Lyricist
Annie L. Roboff Composer/Lyricist
Patti Ryan Composer/Lyricist
Jerry Silverstein Composer/Lyricist
Bob Stillman Composer/Lyricist
The Pete Sanders Group Press Representative
Jay Binder Casting
Jack Bowdan Casting
Brian Brake Drums
Jason Robert Brown Orchestrator
Musical Director
Music Arranger
Kyle Davies Assistant Director
Jill DuBoff Assistant Sound Designer
Mitch Ely Wig Designer
Heather Fields Stage Manager
Peter J. Fitzgerald Sound Designer
Peter Fodor Producer
(In Association With)
Barbara Fodor Producer
(In Association With)
Barbara Freitag Associate Producer
Justin Greer Fight Captain
George Holz Advertising Photographer
SPOTCo, Inc. Advertising
Natasha Katz Lighting Designer
Dave Keyes Keyboards
Ron Kidd Assistant Stage Manager
Kristina Kloss Assistant Lighting Designer
Shannon Koger Assistant Costume Designer
Paul Kolnik Production Photographer
Neil Krasnow Assistant Stage Manager
Sammy Ledbetter Company Manager
Jeffrey M. Markowitz Production Supervisor
Elaine J. McCarthy Projection Consultant
John Miller Musical Coordinator
Chase Mishkin Producer
James Noone Settings
Projection Designer
Scenic Designer
Joey Pizzi Assistant Choreographer
Lonny Price Director
Leonard Soloway Prods. General Manager
Melinda Roy Choreographer
Selda Sahin Assistant to the Director
Chad Schiro Dance Captain
Chad L. Schiro Dance Captain
Chad Schiro Associate Choreographer
Chad L. Schiro Associate Choreographer
Arthur Siccardi Technical Supervisor
Gary Sieger Guitar
Janet Smith Associate Sound Designer
Leonard Soloway Producer
Rick Sordelet Fight Director
Ellis Tillman Costume Designer