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Contact - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Susan Stroman Conceiver
John Weidman Bookwriter
Steven C. Callahan LCT General Manager
Thomas Cott LCT Director of Marketing
Scott A. Fagant Assistant Stage Manager
Jeff Hamlin LCT Production Manager
Paul Huntley Hair and Wig Designer
Lisa Iacucci Assistant Stage Manager
Angelique Ilo Dance Captain
Hattie K. Jutagir LCT Director of Development
Peter Kaczorowski Lighting Designer
Manjit Kapany Assistant Company Manager
Paul Kolnik Production Photographer
William Ivey Long Costume Designer
Josh Lowenthal Assistant Company Manager
Thomas Lynch Scenic Designer
Chris Peterson (i) Associate Choreographer
Philip Rinaldi LCT General Press Representative
Tara Rubin Casting
Adam Siegel Company Manager
Scott Stauffer Sound Designer
Susan Stroman Director
Daniel Swee LCT Casting Director
Scott Taylor Dance Captain
Ira Weitzman LCT Associate Producer, Musical Theatre
Thom Widmann Production Stage Manager