Theatre Information

Piccadilly Theatre (London, )
(Piccadilly Circus) Denman Street

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Very Good Eddie Production Information


March 23, 1976

# Performances:411
Theatres: Piccadilly Theatre (London, )
3/23/1976 - ?

Production Type:Revival
Production Status:
Run Type:Open Run
Market:West End
Version:1975 Revival


Other Productions of Very Good Eddie

1915   Broadway Original Broadway Production
1918   West End London Production
West End
1975   Broadway Broadway Revival
1976   West End London Production
West End
1976   US Tour National Tour
US Tour


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1975  Broadway Revival Cast

Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Overture (i)
We're On Our Way
The Same Old Game
Some Sort of Somebody
Isn't It Great to Be Married?
Wedding Bells Are Calling Me
a.k.a. Wedding Bells
On the Shore at Le Lei Wi
a.k.a. On the Shores of Le Lei Wi
If I Find the Girl
When You Wear a 13 Collar
a.k.a. When You Wear a Thirteen Collar
a.k.a. Thirteen Collar
Old Boy Neutral
Babes in the Wood
The Fashion Show
I Wish I Had a Million
a.k.a. I'd Like to Have a Million in the Bank
Nodding Roses
Finale (i)


Alone at Last

Cut prior to opening

Hands Up
An Ocean of Love
a.k.a. Oceans of Love
I've Got to Dance

Added during the Broadway run

Old Bill Baker

Added to the London production

Hello! I've Been Looking for You
I've Just Been Waiting for You
a.k.a. I'm Waiting for You
a.k.a. Waiting for You
All Alone
a.k.a. Alone with You
Don't Turn My Picture to the Wall
Buffalo Dance
My Castle in the Air
It's Just How Far You Go
I'm the Boss

Added to the 1975 revival

Overture (ii)
Bungalow in Quogue
a.k.a. Let's Build a Little Bungalow in Quogue
Good Night Boat
Left All Alone Again Blues
a.k.a. 'Left All Alone Again' Blues
Hot Dog!
a.k.a. Hot Dog
If You're a Friend of Mine
Honeymoon Inn
Moon of Love
Finale (ii)