Wang Production Information


January 01, 1892

Opening Info:unknown
Run Type:Unknown
Market:New York

Other Productions of Wang

1891   Broadway Original Broadway Production
1892   New York Unknown
New York
1892   New York Unknown
New York
1904   Broadway Broadway Revival



Show Information

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Opening Chorus
a.k.a. Gaily o’er the bounding billows
a.k.a. So give us the night...
A Pretty Girl
a.k.a. A Summer’s Night
Sung (i)
a.k.a. Of all the awkward squads...
Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid?
Mary! Mary! Why so contrary?
Entrance of the Regent Wang
The Regent Wang
a.k.a. The Eminent Regent Wang
a.k.a. If you love me as I love you...
Soldiers' Chorus
a.k.a. Hush! hark! What do we hear?
a.k.a. Allow me to remark in this connection...
To Be a Lone Widow
Are Then the Vows So Lately Spoken
We've Been Shopping
Every Ruse Must Have Its Thorn
Ask the Man in the Moon
Sung (ii)
a.k.a. When You Meet a Royal Highness
Baby! Baby! Dance My Darling Baby!
Chorus of Burmese Envoys
a.k.a. Sharper than the serpent’s fang...
More Dear to Me
The Man With a Elephant on His Hands
Coronation March

Additional Material

Welcome Madame Frimouse
Get on Board
No Matter What Others May Say