The Gondoliers Production History

The Gondoliers Show Information

Opening:January 01, 1898
Opening Info:unknown
Run Type:Unknown
Market:New York
Show type Opera
Other titles:
  • The Gondoliers, or, the King of Barataria (full title)

Other Productions of The Gondoliers

1889   West End Original London Production
West End
1890   Broadway Broadway Production
1893   New York Unknown
New York
1898   New York Unknown
New York
1918   Broadway
1931   Broadway Unknown
1932   Broadway
1934   Broadway Broadway Revival
1935   Broadway Unknown
1936   Broadway Unknown
1939   Broadway Unknown
1940   Broadway Broadway Revival
1942   Broadway Unknown
1944   Broadway Unknown
1948   Broadway Unknown
1951   Broadway Unknown
1961   New York Unknown
New York
1961   Off-Broadway American Savoyard Revival
1962   New York Unknown
New York
1962   New York Unknown
New York
1964   New York Unknown
New York
1965   Off-Broadway American Savoyard Revival
1980   Off-Broadway LOOM Revival
1985   Off-Broadway LOOM Revival
2002   New York Reading
New York
2003   New York Reading
New York

Audio Recordings

1991   Studio Cast

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

List and Learn
Good Morrow, Pretty Maids
For the Merriest Fellows Are We
Buon Giorno, Signorine
We're Called Gondolieri
And Now to Choose Our Brides
My Papa, He Keeps Three Horses
Thank You, Gallant Gondolieri
From the Sunny Spanish Shore
In the Enterprise of Martial Kind
O Rapture, When Alone Together
There Was a Time, A Time Forever Gone
I Stole the Prince, And I Brought Him Here
But Bless My Heart
Try We Life Long
Bridegroom and Bride
When a Merry Maiden Marries
Kind Sir, You Cannot Have the Heart
Then One of Us Will Be a Queen
For Ev'ry One Who Feels Inclined
Now, Marco, Dear, My Wishes Hear
Then Away They Go to an Island Fair
Oh Happiness the Very Pith in Barataria
Rising Early in the Morning
Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes
Here We Are, At the Risk of Our Lives
Dance a Cachucha
There Lived a King
In a Contemplative Fashion
With Ducal Pomp and Ducal Pride
On the Day When I Was Wedded
To Help Unhappy Commoners
I Am a Courtier Grave and Serious
Here Is a Case Unprecedented
Now Let the Loyal Lieges Gather Round
This Statement We Receive
Once More Gondolieri