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The Lucky One - 2017 - Off-Broadway

THE LUCKY ONE is the timeless story of antagonism between two brothers: Gerald, who stands in the sun and Bob, who stands in Gerald's shadow. When Bob finds himself in serious legal trouble, he turns to Gerald for rescue. When Gerald fails to come through, years of simmering resentment boil over in a confrontation that is as stirring as it is surprising.


Running Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Beckett Theatre

(New York, NY)
410 W. 42nd St.


by Michael Dale - May 26, 2017
One look at the country home setting designer Vicki R. Davis has devised for The Mint Theater Company's intriguing revival of A.A. Milne's rarely visited THE LUCKY ONE and a playgoer wouldn't be blamed for anticipating a night of vintage bon mots and comedy of manners gracefulness.