Opened: April 9, 2002
Closing: April 28, 2002

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Review - Something You Did & Two Men Talking
by Michael Dale - April 7, 2008

I suppose the main difference between a violent protest and an act of terrorism is whether you're on the side of the person who set off the bomb or the person who was killed by it.  In Primary Stages' premiere production of Willy Holtzman's drama, Something You Did, the person responsible for the bomb going off is played by the charismatic and understatedly graceful and eloquent Joanna Gleason, making the evening's morality conflict hardly a fair fight.


Talk has had 1 productions including Off-Broadway which opened in 2002.
Talk has been nominated for several awards. Marilys Ernst was nominated for Design at the Obie Awards. Reg E. Cathey, Karen Kandel, John Seitz, James Himelsbach, Anthony Mackie, and Maria Tucci were all nominated for Performance at the Obie Awards.
Talk has won several awards, including the following: Design (Obie Awards) for Marilys Ernst, Performance (Obie Awards) for Reg E. Cathey, Performance (Obie Awards) for Karen Kandel, Performance (Obie Awards) for John Seitz, Performance (Obie Awards) for James Himelsbach, Performance (Obie Awards) for Anthony Mackie, and Performance (Obie Awards) for Maria Tucci.



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