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Porgy and Bess - 2000 - Broadway

Based on the play Porgy by Dorothy and DuBose Heyward


New York State Theatre

(New York, NY)
20 Lincoln Center

Porgy and Bess Broadway Cast


by Michael Dale - January 30, 2012
Let's just say, for the moment, that I owned the Venus de Milo.  I don't know how it happened.  Maybe some ancient Greek stone cuttings were found that led to a Middle Ages parchment that inspired someone to do some research on, but in any case, it has been indisputably determined that I am the sole owner of sculptor Alexandros of Antioch's Venus de Milo.
by Ben Peltz - August 21, 2011
Back in June of 2007, I reviewed a very enjoyable production at the Paper Mill Playhouse titled, Pirates! (or Gilbert and Sullivan plunder'd).  It was, as I wrote then, 'a fast and rowdy adaptation of the English duo's irreplaceable The Pirates Of Penzance conceived by Nell Benjamin (additional book and lyrics), Gordon Greenberg (director) and John McDaniel (music supervision, new arrangements and orchestrations).