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  3. Make a Wish

Production Team

Gower Champion Choreographer
Phil Lang Orchestrator
Raoul Pène Du Bois Scenic Designer
Costume Designer
Milton Rosenstock Musical Director
Allan Small Orchestrator
John C. Wilson Director

Make a Wish Frequently Asked Questions

What productions of Make a Wish have there been?
Make a Wish has had 2 productions including Broadway which opened in 1951 and Broadway which opened in 1951.

What is the songs are in Make a Wish and what's the order?
The Tour Must Go On
I Wanna Be Good 'n' Bad
The Time Step
What I Was Warned About
Who Gives a Sou?
Folies Labiche Overture
Tonight You Are in Paree
When Does This Feeling Go Away?
Suits Me Fine
Student's Ball
Paris, France
That Face
Make a Wish
I'll Never Make a Frenchman Out of You
Over and Over
The Sale
Take Me Back to Texas with You
Vive the USA
The One I Need
She's Not in a Class with You