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Bless the Bride Frequently Asked Questions

What productions of Bless the Bride have there been?
Bless the Bride has had 2 productions including West End which opened in 1947 and West End which opened in 1987.

What is the songs are in Bless the Bride and what's the order?
Croquet! Croquet!
Too Good to Be True
Thomas T.
En Angleterre
Oh! What Will Mother Say?
My Little Loo
I Was Never Kissed Before
Where Is the Times?
Come, Dance, My Dear
The Silent Heart
Ma Belle Marguerite
God Bless the Family
Bless the Bride
Bobbing Bobbing
Mon Pauvre Petit Pierre
The Englishman
Un Consomme
A Table for Two
This Is My Lovely Day
The Fish
To France
Twenty-One Candles
Here's a Kiss for One-and-Twenty
My Big Moment
This Man Could Never Be a Spy
Other Peoples Babies

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