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AGL Over the Rainbow Scholarship

Theater Scholarships Guide
Scholarship Type: Nationwide
Dates: 2/1/24-5/15/24
Amount: $$1,000
Website: Click Here


The AGL Over the Rainbow Foundation is proud to announce the Blooming Artist Award sponsored by Ronald and Patti Loveless. The Blooming Artist Award is an annual $1000 Scholarship gifted to a high school fine arts student who continues their education at a college level, who exhibits a love for their craft and a dedication to their community. 


Ronald and Patti served as founding board members of the AGL Foundation and are consistent contributors and steadfast supporters. They both hold the foundation near and dear to their hearts.  We are thrilled to announce our continued partnership.

Each applicant must submit the following:

1.) A short video (3 minutes) or sample of your highlighted performances or artwork.

2.) A resume of your musical, theatre, art, or chorus background.

3.) Up to three letters of reference from teachers or mentors

4.) A copy of the acceptance letter from the college you will be attending in the fall. If timing makes this impossible, a listing of your applications with plans to attend.

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