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Student Blog: 'Enjoy the Show': Ushering at Wagner College's Main Stage Theater

Student Blog: 'Enjoy the Show': Ushering at Wagner College's Main Stage Theater

Stop! Wait! What! I'm an Usher? Read of my first-ever experience ushering for Wagner College's production of "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder".

Student Blog: 'Enjoy the Show': Ushering at Wagner College's Main Stage Theater

Tech assignments. Here at Wagner College, and I assume in most theater programs, we must complete 4 tech assignments to graduate. These assignments consist of theater majors helping with our Main Stage productions. This could be as a spotlight technician, doing hair and makeup, being a stagehand, etc. The first piece of advice underclassmen received was to get them all out of the way as quickly as we could so that those who would like to perform in the shows could do so without the worry of missing any tech assignments. December 4th will mark the completion of my first tech assignment!

To preface, I love theater. I have attended a few shows on Broadway, but my interest lies more in the writing aspect than anything else. I also have never had the opportunity to work in any theater as a performer or backstage, needless to say, I have no experience whatsoever. This experience was definitely outside of my comfort zone, completely foreign to me, and admittedly, intimidating. While there is obviously a lot of behind-the-scenes training that everyone goes through, I wanted to do something easy for my first one. Along with my lack of experience, there were many things I had to consider before choosing my assignment, for starters, the training ran late, as a commuter this was going to be tough as I wake up early in the morning to get to school and then I would leave late at night, with no time to spend with my family. On top of that, I work so I would have to leave class, go to work, leave work and work on my assignment. It is definitely a lot to handle, I applaud those who were able to do it on their first try. So, with careful consideration, I choose to be an usher!

I am ushering for "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" at Wagner College's Main Stage. Ushering is a fun job, easy and I was fortunate enough to be grouped with some nice and very helpful people. The majority of the job is just customer service, which I have a lot of experience in with my past job as a waitress and my current job entertaining kindergarten students after school. My job is working the accessibility door, located in the theater, I basically make sure patrons using the accessibility door are able to get into the theater and to their seats. Occasionally, I hit a few bumps in the road, forgetting to return to my post at intermission and having to juggle having the door open for patrons and keeping the cold draft from bothering those already inside, along with other rookie mistakes but as with any other experience, you live and you learn.

By far my favorite experience has been getting to watch the show. I am almost embarrassed to say I had never heard of "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" until I signed up for the show, so I walked in completely unaware of what I was about to watch. I was able to watch it twice, once during rehearsals and a second time when I was chosen to be in the house during the show to make sure no one was on their phone, being too loud, etc. The second time was truly amazing. Initially, I was a little upset as I had planned to use the time between the beginning of the show and intermission to do some homework, but it is truly an experience I will cherish. Watching the show and the audience laugh and react to the show, knowing all of the hard work that went into putting it on was great and truly made the experience, it also left me in awe of the talent here at Wagner! I would like to shout out to all the ushers who manage to stay focused on the job whilst witnessing such talent, it truly is a difficult task! Also, shout out to the amazing cast and crew that put on this fantastic show!

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