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Escape to Margaritaville Broadway Reviews

Reviews of Escape to Margaritaville on Broadway. See what all the critics had to say and see all the ratings for Escape to Margaritaville including the New York Times and More...


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Critics' Reviews


BWW Review: Jimmy Buffett Jukeboxer ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE is Breezy, Mindless Fun

From: BroadwayWorld | By: Michael Dale | Date: 03/15/2018

What goes a long way in making it work is that the authors have managed to craft a plot that almost reasonably connects the pre-existing songs (there are new ones, too) into something resembling an integrated score. Buffett wrote a song about a volcano? Okay, make a character an environment scientist working with volcanic soil. A song about cheeseburgers? Okay, have a character struggling to stay on a diet. A song about being comforted by things like grapefruit and Juicy Fruit? Okay, that's the 'Whistle a Happy Tune' moment. 'Why Don't We Get Drunk (And Screw)'? There's the audience participation number! Wait, the main character needs a philosophy of life song. 'It's Five O'Clock Somewhere'? Perfect!

It all felt indicative of the challenge this musical - which I first reviewed in Chicago and has been significantly improved since then - faces on Broadway. Unless you are three sheets to the wind, you cannot declare this 'Mamma Mia'-style fusion of the Buffett oeuvre and a retro sitcom book by Greg Garcia and Mike O'Malley to be a font of artistic innovation, or any innovation, really. It attempts no such thing.


‘Escape to Margaritaville’ review: A frothy Jimmy Buffett musical

From: Newsday | By: Barbara Schuler | Date: 03/15/2018

The delightful, energetic frothy drink of a show that just opened at the Marquis Theatre is exactly what you'd expect given its inspiration - a predictable romantic comedy that celebrates the music written and/or performed by the renowned singer who's turned his laid-back island sound into a serious corporate empire.


Jimmy Buffett's Escape to Margaritaville musical will give you a light buzz: EW review

From: Entertainment Weekly | By: Nick Maslow | Date: 03/15/2018

Is it possible to make Jimmy Buffett music both sexy and funny in 2018? That's apparently the goal of Escape to Margaritaville, a new musical featuring his hits that opens on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre on Thursday night. Unless you've never been in a dive bar and Instagram accounts for the majority of your cultural exposure, you'll recognize early on the high degree to which Buffett's music and lyrics inform the plot, ultimately with humorous and uplifting - but not-so-groundbreaking - results.


'Escape to Margaritaville': Theater Review

From: The Hollywood Reporter | By: Frank Scheck | Date: 03/15/2018

That a fairly large percentage of the crowd at a recent Wednesday matinee enthusiastically shouted out those lyrics indicates that the show may find its audience, even if New York is probably not the epicenter. But even those unfamiliar with Buffett's songwriting oeuvre (I know, not a word usually associated with the composer of 'Cheeseburger in Paradise') should find the proceedings relaxedly enjoyable. This jukebox musical is the theatrical equivalent of sipping on a frozen drink while lying on a beach chair in the blazing sun. It's not good for you, but it feels good.


Escape to Margaritaville

From: TimeOut NY | By: Adam Feldman | Date: 03/15/2018

What do you expect from a Jimmy Buffett jukebox musical? The alley outside the Marquis Theatre has been done up as an empty stretch of beach, and that pretty much sums up Escape to Margaritaville, which seems intended to be watched with your feet up and a melting frozen drink in your hand. Along with more than two dozen songs from Buffett's tropical-burnout catalog, the show offers steel drums, jean shorts, palm trees and dancers dressed as fluffy white clouds. It's often hokey and sometimes pokey. But I'll level with you: I had fun.


Broadway Review: Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Escape to Margaritaville’

From: Variety | By: Marilyn Stasio | Date: 03/15/2018

However well packaged, the show just isn't a good fit for New York, where it arrived by way of San Diego, New Orleans, and those tropical resort towns, Chicago and Houston. There's no telling where it will go from here; but under the direction of Christopher Ashley, who directed the original production at La Jolla, the production is ship-shape to travel to the north, west, and south of us - anywhere but here.


Wasting Away at ‘Margaritaville’ Review: Drinking Game

From: Wall Street Journal | By: Terry Teachout | Date: 03/15/2018

The jukebox musical, in which the back catalog of a songwriter and/or pop star is repurposed as the score to a stage show, is one of Broadway's staple items. Rarely are such shows any good, but some have been hits, and hope springs eternal in the cash-hungry hearts of theatrical producers and superannuated rockers. That's why 'Escape to Margaritaville,' whose score consists of 26 songs by Jimmy Buffet t, has arrived on Broadway after preliminary runs in La Jolla, Calif., and Chicago, Houston and New Orleans. Even though the 71-year-old Mr. Buffett is very old news-'Margaritaville,' his first and biggest hit single, was released four decades ago-a group of hard-nosed businessmen is betting that his amiable brand of what he calls 'drunken Caribbean rock 'n' roll' is still popular enough to rope in a slice of the tourists who couldn't wangle tickets to ' Hamilton. '


Review: ‘Escape to Margaritaville,’ Where Work Is a Dirty Word

From: New York Times | By: Jesse Green | Date: 03/15/2018

The story, concocted from clichés that were already droopy when they appeared in almost every other jukebox musical ever written, does not require you to put your thinking cap on. Mostly it asks that you notice the winking way it sets up situations that will later make Mr. Buffett's lyrics seem as if they were custom fitted to the yarn rather than the other way around.


Escape to Margaritaville Review: Even a Shaker of Salt Can’t Save This One

From: Bloomberg | By: Chris Rovzar | Date: 03/15/2018

For the show's investors, it may not matter that Escape to Margaritaville isn't very good. It blends the greatest hits of Jimmy Buffett, a set of cheery cardboard characters, and a simple-if occasionally demented-plot into a concoction syrupy enough to taste sort of like a Broadway show. But like the worst versions of its namesake beverage, it's too watered-down to be much fun.


Theater Review: When Margaritaville Comes to Times Square

From: Vulture | By: Sara Holdren | Date: 03/15/2018

It's not that I hate fun. Fun is great! I love fun! Every now and again, I even love shiny, high-budget, well-constructed dumb fun based on a big-name brand. But Escape to Margaritaville is about as much fun as buying a dud hermit crab as a pet. It seems like it'll be exotic, or at least cute, but it's really kind of sad, and definitely a rip-off, and, at the end of the day, actually just an empty shell.


Only Diehard Jimmy Buffett Fans Should ‘Escape to Margaritaville’ on Broadway

From: Daily Beast | By: Tim Teeman | Date: 03/15/2018

Do you have to be a fan of Jimmy Buffett to love the jukebox musical Escape to Margaritaville? No, but it certainly helps. Make mine something lividly colored and very cold, please barman. And keep them coming. It may be the only way to get through this.


Jimmy Buffett’s music comes to Broadway and, well, the beach party’s a dud

From: Washington Post | By: Peter Marks | Date: 03/15/2018

Yes, Jimmy Buffett, it's your own damn fault. Oh, I know, you had help in the commission of 'Escape to Margaritaville,' the lamely antiseptic musical that had its official Broadway opening Thursday night at the Marquis Theatre. But it's your songs that book writers Greg Garcia and Mike O'Malley have spun into this insufferably dumb show, about a beach bum guitarist who falls for an environmental scientist while his bartender buddy suffers flashbacks filled with tap-dancing life insurance agents. (Yup, you read that right.)


Jimmy Buffett has written a musical for theatergoers who want to feel good about getting drunk and overeating. 'Escape to Margaritaville' opened Thursday at Broadway's Marquis Theatre, and the Buffett songs and the original book by Greg Garcia and Mike O'Malley offer a 'Bachelor in Paradise' view of romance.


‘Escape to Margaritaville’ review: A Jimmy Buffett Broadway jukebox

From: New York Daily News | By: Joe Dziemianowizc | Date: 03/15/2018

Shoehorning songs into a plot 'Mamma Mia!'-style doesn't exactly accentuate Buffett tunes that already tell tales of their own. And the weak and weird book by Greg Garcia ('Raising Hope') and Mike O'Malley ('Shameless') doesn't help matters.


‘Margaritaville’ musical is a paradise for parrot heads — and no one else

From: New York Post | By: Barbara Hoffman | Date: 03/15/2018

Directed by Christopher Ashley, hot off a Tony for 'Come From Away,' 'Escape to Margaritaville' meanders along, pleasantly enough. Its appeal may last only as long as there are Parrotheads around to see it, but it helps that the show's so well cast and sung.


Escape to Margaritaville review – Jimmy Buffett jukebox musical is charming but lazy

From: The Guardian | By: Alexis Soloski | Date: 03/15/2018

Escape to Margaritaville, the Jimmy Buffett jukebox musical, has fallen out of its hammock and on to Broadway. As charming and lazy as a beachside siesta, it sticks 27 Buffett hits into a paint-by-numbers plot, pulls a Hawaiian shirt and a grigri necklace over the top and calls it a day.

The ability to consume alcohol during the show certainly helps to put one in a relaxed, less critical state of mind. But all things considered, you might be better off downing margaritas at a beach bar while listening to a Buffett album.



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