Don't Hug Me 2001

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Cast recording of the award-winning smash hit musical comedy, "Don't Hug Me." "Don't Hug Me" first opened in Los Angeles in 2003 to rave reviews and sold out houses, and is now playing in theatres throught the U.S. and Canada. "Don't Hug Me" is available for theatrical licensing thru Samuel French Publishers. ?? "Don't Hug Me" won 4 Artistic Director Achievement Awards including Best Original Musical, Best Author Original Play, Best Director and Best Ensemble Cast. ?? Featuring 15 original songs including: The Ice House Blues ? I'm a Walleye Woman in a CrŠppie Town ? My Smorgasbord of Love ? I'm the One the Only One for You ? Bunyan Bay in the Summertime ? Upside Down in my Pickup Truck ? I Wanna go to the Mall of America ? Take a Chance ? That Dirty Piece of... ? The Bunyan Yodel ? He Wore a Purple Tux ? You're My Woman ? Victim of my Y Chromosome ? Little Ernie Eelpout ? Last Night I Dreamed ?? "A hokey-jokey karaoke crowd pleaser!" - Los Angeles Times " ? A lot of laughs!...A great time!...Go see it!" - Tom Barnard KQRS ? "The funniest show I've seen in the longest time!" - KPFK Radio ? "The quintessential definition of fun!"- KLBB ? "Terrifically silly!" - LA WEEKLY ? "Sensational!" - The Blade ? "Delightful, Adorable, Silly, Funny!" - Valley Vantage ? "One of its songs rhymes "Minnesota" with "Abe Vigoda" and you just have to love that!" - St. Paul Pioneer Press ? "Outstanding!" - WMGT ? "Two hours of fun and farce!" - The Tolucan Label: Don't Hug Me

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