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BWW Blog: You Too Can Live Like Troy Bolton
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BWW Blog: You Too Can Live Like Troy Bolton

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BWW Blog: You Too Can Live Like Troy Bolton

You like Jazz? No? How about the Utah Jazz? Still no? What about All That Jazz? What if I told you that you could have it all, and more! You may think that you don't have time for anything else by rehearsals, but I promise you that with the proper time management you can play a sport and be the lead in your high school musical.

It's important to remember that you can have multiple passions, you don't have to pick between interests. The more involved you're in the better your resume will be and the more well- rounded and experienced you will become. Trying new things, not liking them, and trying different things is good and what life is all about.

BWW Blog: You Too Can Live Like Troy Bolton

For much of my life sports came first; I was always on the field playing soccer or softball, on the sidelines as a cheerleader or field hockey manager, or in the pool for swim. I always loved to sing and act, but I wasn't one of the lucky ones to have a booming theatre program growing up. Nevertheless, in high school I found myself having more opportunities than ever to get one stage and dance in the back line with 30 other students.

I was still playing sports, participating in clubs, and staying after school to talk to my favorite English teacher, but performing arts was calling my name and I added that to my list of adventures. It took dedication and understanding teachers and coaches. Luckily for me, swim took place over the months of rehearsal more than anything else, and we have practices at 5 in the morning. That wasn't the case for field hockey or softball, though.

I wasn't always able to make practices every day, and I had to have my co-manager head a field hockey game here and there, but sometimes that happens. I was president of the film club and I wasn't always able to make the meetings, that is something you're going to have to be okay with and accept. When you can't make something, it is up to you to be accountable and reliable. Having an open communication with directors, coaches, and teachers as soon as you know your schedule will make all the difference.

Now, when things overlap (they will definitely overlap), it is your responsibility to stay caught up and ready to jump in when you come back. Making sure that you are always paying attention, doing everything in your power to be the best you can, and let your coach/director/teacher know that you are trust worthy and mature through your actions and not your words.

If you are passionate enough about the things you do, the things you love doing, and the things you want to do, nothing can stop you. Stay organized and on top of everything and be open and honest with how you are handling everything. These things will prepare you for higher education and working in the professional world, not everything is easy- so if you make the easy days a little harder the hard days won't seem as scary.

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